Apr 23, 2019

5 Things I Love About Perfume Dessert

What if you can smell irresistibly delicious all day?

Every woman is beautiful in her own uniqueness. Beauty is reflected from within if you feel good about yourself. But what if you can feel beautiful and smell irresistibly delicious all day? Yes, that’s a real winner!

What’s good about us Filipinos, we are conscious about being neat and how we smell. That is why many of us keep a cologne or a perfume spray handy whenever we go. (I am very guilty of this- bringing different perfume products with me in my bag) Good thing that there are many perfume sprays around that can somewhat make us smell good, but do they last? Honestly, I am very conscious about I smell (those close to me knew about this OC attitude of mine). And quality perfumes can make us deliciously good and keep our confidence high and this is what Perfume Dessert is all about!

My Yummy Perfume Dessert Experience
Yes! I admit I am a hoarder of perfumes and anything that can make me smell good. You can go ahead and check my bag..haha. I am such an OC especially with what I do- I am expose to meeting people and have opportunities to be in front of the public. I do a lot of things and my hands are full and with a hectic schedule from hosting and organizing big dance parties to band gigs to media events. Anyway, I just want to be presentable and part of it is smelling pleasant always. Of course, with all the beso-beso, handshakes and hugs- I really must smell good!

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Last week a friend of mine just gave me 3 bottles of Perfume Dessert cleverly packaged in dainty and yummy looking tubular boxes. She really knows that I am a sucker for things that can make me smell good. Thank you BFF @J!

Perfume Dessert Review: My First Impression
Raised eyebrows- knowing that I am such a critic especially on a product that I just saw for the first time. Of course, I don’t want to offend my good friend since she was thoughtful enough in gifting me these items. Raised eyebrows were on the moment she left my place- I told myself “Maganda ang packaging, eh mabango kaya ito at tatagal ba ito?” 

Those were my initial reactions while holding the 3 bottles of perfume dessert in my hands. You can’t blame me since there are a lot of perfumes that can only give you that feel good smell and eventually dies down after a moment. Nakakadala na diba?

BUT, I was very wrong! Perfume Dessert is very different and can come at par with the best expensive imported perfumes around. I sprayed one for the first time and do my usual stuff. Considering its summer and the hot weather gave me a lot of sweating, after hours of wearing perfume dessert all day, viola- I still smell sweet and fresh just like spraying it on for the first time. True!

My 3 Potent Perfume Dessert Potions
Cake Pops: Comes in a dainty pastel blue tube box and adorn with cake pops graphic design, perfume dessert cake pops spray is irresistibly sweet! Hmm..sweetness overload that is. Top note is in sweet vanilla with hints of sugars and caramel. The perfume dessert cake pops is classified in the Gourmands category. Its like smelling sweet edible stuff while wearing this perfume. What I love about Cake Pops is that the sweetness is not that overpowering. It has that sweet and yet gentle vanilla scent that lingers on for a long time. If I am in a girly mode expressing my sweet side then I wear Cake Pops.

Cucumber Melon Cooler: Its like having a refreshing shake of cool cucumber and sweet melon. Now imagine that scent on your body..ooh lala! I love this! The lovely combination of melon with cucumber provides an uplifting aura. This is perfect when I am on the move. Like when I am jumping from a meeting to a night out with friends. A scent that goes on from day to night- just perfect for my hectic schedule.

Raspberry Smoothie: This scent from Perfume Dessert gives me the oomph! How I love the sweet smell of raspberry engulfs me with feeling of sweet seduction. Sweet and yet very empowering for a woman like me. Perfect for those special moments!

5 Things I Love about Perfume Dessert
1. Premium Quality. Each perfume dessert scent is carefully formulated with the best ingredients that is 20 to 30% made from concentrated perfume oils. Categorized as an eau de parfum, Perfume Dessert is quality made in UK under strict standards in perfume manufacturing. No fakes here- no imitations! Guaranteed made from United Kingdom!

2. Fragrance That Last. Because, Perfume Dessert is genuinely made in UK from the finest ingredients and under strict manufacturing standards, I am sure what I am using and wearing on my body is of premium quality. An eau de parfum of this caliber provides me a sweet scent that last throughout my busy day. Whether I am out in the sun or at events at night, I feel fresh and smell good the entire time.

3. Instantly Makes Me Feel Good. What else does a good perfume can do for me? It instantly uplifts my spirits! Sweet smelling perfumes such as Perfume Dessert has the power of pheromones. Which means that it naturally makes me attractive and pleasant to everyone. With the kind of work that I am in, perfume dessert perfumes are a necessity when it comes to smelling great even at the most challenging situations. And when I feel pleasant with people around me it definitely uplifts my spirits which boost my self-confidence in an instant!

4. Cheap but Offers More Than Expensive Perfumes. Surprisingly Perfume Dessert products are very cheap considering the premium quality it offers. Gone are my days of spending much just to smell sweet and good. I am glad to announce that each bottle of perfume dessert is only 250 pesos. Oh my- very affordable. I am starting to hoard now and hopefully to complete my set of all perfume dessert scents.

5. Clever and Stylish Packaging. Another thing that I love about Perfume Dessert is how they innovatively packaged each bottle. Aesthetically speaking, the tubular box that contains the perfume dessert bottle is very appealing and the way it was bottled is very elegant but behind the art there is science. Yes! The 30ml bottle of perfume dessert is crimped retaining its original quality while protecting it from diffusing and leakage. Concentrated perfumes like Perfume Dessert is sensitive to humidity change as well as temperatures. The bottle is designed to safely preserve the fragrance and using a glass bottle is ideal for real perfumes. The clever tube box packaging not only looks dainty but provides another level of protection in maintaining the quality of the perfume and keeping it safe for breakage and spoilage. And it is perfect as gifts because of its elegant appeal.

Will I recommend Perfume Dessert? Yes, I will definitely recommend this to anyone. What could go wrong in buying a UK made perfume in a very affordable price? It’s cheap, premium quality, handy and long lasting.

I love to smell good; it makes me feel good. With Perfume Dessert I enjoy and love my womanhood. 

Empowered, confident and irresistibly sweet! 

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Apr 18, 2019

Bizmoto Provides Business Opportunities for Every Filipino

It is a known fact the that under the current financial standing of the Philippines, majority of Filipinos are struggling to survive on a day to day basis. Having a regular job can only provide for the basic needs but sometimes this is just enough for most families.

Having supplemental income resources can greatly help alleviate the financial woes that most Filipinos are facing every day. The ability to have an additional earning is very ideal for every family and this is what BIZMOTO is all about!

What is BIZMOTO?

Bizmoto is an online platform that provides business opportunities to any Filipino who are tech savvy. Bizmoto supports entrepreneurship through various forms of service-oriented businesses from e-load, bills payments, e-commerce, remittance services to delivery. With Bizmoto app that is readily available for download via Apple APP Store or Google Play, any one who signs up can be a Bizmoto agent and start doing business and earn.

Bizmoto aims to empower Filipinos with income opportunities that are very timely and practical wherein will serve the best interest of the general public.  

Powered by the Peppermint Group, which is a company based in Australia, their primary focus is in developing technology designed for mobile banking, remittance, payments, e-commerce and for other microfinance institutions.

Why Peppermint Group ventures in providing an income opportunity in the Philippines?

With the objective of providing mobile services to anyone and to anywhere in the world, Peppermint focused its initial efforts in the Philippines for the main reason that there are over 105 million mobile phones in active use by more than 100 million Filipinos. With this in mind, it took 4 years to perfect the developing the technology that powers Bizmoto which is now being used by 3 leading banks, Bizmoto is a perfect vehicle where various services can be offered while giving a lucrative income opportunity for Filipinos.

Peppermint is geared towards the success of commercialization strategy in the country wherein they can establish solid relationships for them to have a strong presence when it comes to developing and integrating mobile banking, payment systems and remittance platform all throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

BizmoGo Riders 

Can anyone be a Bizmoto agent?

Yes! As long as you have a mobile phone and an internet connection you can now reap the benefits of being an agent and have other resources that would provide supplemental income. A Bizmoto agent can easily start a business without having to leave home or can even do business anywhere. Bizmoto is basically for everyone but very ideal for stay at home parents, sari-sari store or shop owners, students and even employees. But first, download the app and sign-up.

What are the services that a Bizmoto agent can offer?

The Bizmoto app is a powerful all-in-one platform that can provide services such as bills payment, e-commerce, remittances, e-loading and even delivery services to its agents/members. A Bizmoto agent once accredited can offer these services right away wherein all transactions are done electronically in one platform. There is also an option to become a Bizmoto rider under the BizmoGo platform wherein you can provide a delivery service in your area.

Advantages of Bizmoto Agents
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Highly profitable income opportunity
  • Accessible to all potential customers
  • Convenient at home or anywhere business
  • Backed up by a reliable customer service team
  • Transactions are done electronically via mobile phone
  • Services offered are very in demand and of interest to anyone

BizmoGO Riders with Dante Gulapa at the launching of BizmoGo in Cavite

Bizmoto Conquers Cavite: Media Launch and Accreditation Program for BizmoGo Riders

April 5, under the burning heat of the sun, Bizmoto gathered around the first batch of BizmoGo riders at the Vermosa Bike Trail in Imus Cavite. The objective of this event is to orient drivers and finally turnover brand new TVS motorbikes to its BizmoGo riders.

Attended by biking and motorcycle enthusiasts, online media personalities and viral online sensation Dante Gulapa, this Bizmoto event is such a huge success.

With the presence of TVS Motors Country Manager- Samrat Chakrabarty, Chris Kain- CEO of Peppermint and David Cook- Regional Director for Southeast Asia Peppermint, Bizmoto proves to be a solid platform where Filipinos can rely on for a good business or income opportunity.

I am truly privileged to be invited to this out of town event but most especially excited that I can start having an extra income through the BIZMOTO APP. Kaya ano pa ang ginagawa mo #BizmotoMoNaYan

For more information visit the official Bizmoto website or follow Bizmoto on Facebook

Apr 8, 2019

Magical Posh Cosmetics: The Business of Making Every Filipina Beautiful

“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” -Calvin Klein

All women are beautiful! Each of us has this unique character that brings out our own aura of beauty. We women are aware of our own beauty through our physical attributes and would like to highlight them through make-up. Wearing makeup brings out the best in us and it should be fun, easy and practical. And this is what MAGICAL POSH Cosmetics is all about!

What is Magical Posh Cosmetics?
Magical Posh Cosmetics is a local brand of company that specializes in high quality makeup products that are richly pigmented, long wearing, easy to blend, good for all skin types and very affordable. 

Two of my favorite beauty items from Magical Posh Cosmetics- the Lip Lacquer and the 2-in-1 Concealer Contour Stick. The Lip Lacquer will make you forget about your old lipsticks. Glides on lips smoothly with rich color that would not crack or dry out lips. The concealer/contour stick, is very easy to use too.

With continuous research on perfecting each product type, Magical Posh is one step ahead on delivering quality makeup products that are innovative and yet practical to use. 

 These two are awesome Magical Posh Cosmetics products. The mouse cream for face glides on smoothly bringing a luminesce effect while providing even skin tone. The brow set is a fantastic and easy way to achieve a natural looking brow. 

Most products of Magical Posh Cosmetics are proudly quality made locally but has now recently tied up with Korean manufacturer to bring in more products that have advanced technology in terms of efficiency and function that appeal to today’s Filipina women or even men.

Short interview with Magical Posh Cosmetics CEO Ms. Ghie and intro to their products at the recent Franchise Asia Expo

The beautiful lady behind this company is Ms. Ghie Pangilinan, a self-made entrepreneur that first brought Skin Magical into the market. 

A kind of brand that has been trusted for many years. She ventures further with quality made beauty products under the label of Magical Posh Cosmetics. She is also the CEO/President of Tea Talk and Artista Scent.

Magical Posh Cosmetics Franchise Store Set Up

Franchise Asia Expo Features Magical Posh Cosmetics
The biggest franchise show in the country held last month at SMX MOA has just featured Magical Posh Cosmetics as one of the exhibitors in a classy distinct booth that showcase their products. This is in line of promoting Magical Posh Cosmetics to prospects that are hunting for a lucrative business opportunity. At the same time, guests can also sample their products and purchase item at a very low price. 

Having a quick makeover at the Magical Posh Cosmetics booth 

Franchising Magical Posh Cosmetics will surely bring fast ROI (return of investment) since their products are of high quality, very salable, inexpensive and effective. Having a Magical Posh Cosmetics business is a profitable venture since the brand can offer good products that has a ready market.

Quick makeover/tutorial session using Magical Posh Cosmetics

My Magical Posh Experience
I am very privilege and honored to get invited to witness and experience what Magical Posh Cosmetics is all about last March 29. This experience has definitely changed my attitude on what cosmetic items should I use, how to use them and discovered how easy it is to look pretty in just a few minutes. 

I enjoyed and learned so much from my quick makeover session with the bubbly Herson (makeup artist for Magical Posh). Putting makeup is very easy with Magical Posh Cosmetics and it gives astonishing results that I really love!

(selfie after the quick makeover)

Learn more beauty hacks, easy make-up routines and know how you can purchase their products by visiting 

Apr 5, 2019

Bioessence SM Pampanga: Caring Beyond Beauty

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”
-Sophia Loren

Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero with 2018 Miss Earth Philippines-Fire Jean De Jesus and 2017 Miss Earth Philippines- Fire Nellza Bautista flanked by Bioessence SM Pampanga staff during the opening of its 30th  branch last March 29, 2019

When you feel good, you’ll look good. This statement is something we could not refute, since whenever you feel good inside, this feeling will radiate making you look better. Ideally, a holistic approach to wellness would be very beneficial and in order to achieve this you need to be taken cared of- self love is good but under expert care you will feel extra special and this is what Bioessence is all about.

BIOESSENCE is an institution with more than two decades in service providing premium skin and body treatments that have benefited many satisfied clients. Most of these clients have remained loyal over the years since they feel the value of what Bioessence can provide them.

Bioessence Pampanga Opening Day

Now celebrating its 24 years of success in the wellness industry, Bioessence has grown with over 30 branches to continue the premium service of providing Filipinos with excellent body and skin care treatments. With Bioessence, achieving wellness and beauty goals are within reach. That is why another branch has newly opened in SM City Pampanga.

Founded by an amazing woman, Bioessence’s president Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero, she takes pride in her native Davao roots and it is reflected in the interior d├ęcor of every Bioessence branch.  The opulent interiors featuring Mindanaoan heritage and culture provides clients a bespoke kind of majestic class which is uniquely Filipino and synonymous to this brand.

Casual conversation with the proud owners/franchisees of Bioessence branches

BIOESSENCE PAMPANGA is ideally located inside SM City Pampanga and it boasts the latest equipment when it comes to high-tech machines for skin care and slimming. Bioessence SM City Pampanga is proud of its professional and highly trained staff assuring that clients will be handled with best expert care.

What is a skin analyzer machine? Why do we need to have our skin scanned? At Bioessence SM Pampanga you get the perfect treatment and solutions for your skin condition. The SKIN ANALYZER or skin scanner machine provides an accurate view and analysis of the various skin conditions under different factors. Scanned results will show colors that would indicate certain conditions. This will help Bioessence to tailor fit a perfect treatment for you.

Bioessence Skin Wellness
Respected for many years, Bioessence is in the forefront of bringing the best skin care treatments through rigorous research and studies that can provide a customize program concerning the unique Filipino skin.

Bioessence carefully access skin conditions through scientific method to have a clearer view which are not perceive by the eyes-that’s one of my scanned face results showing high pigmented areas and sun damaged spots

Bioessence incorporates steps before designing a skin treatment package that perfectly suits your skin condition. With me in this photo is Bioessence Pampanga’s expert skin adviser who explained thoroughly the condition of my skin after my scanning.

Bioessence Body Wellness
What makes Bioessence thrive when it comes to wellness is that every step in any procedure is properly studied to cater specific issues unique to each client. Scientific method is the first consideration before a body massage and body treatment. With emphasis on nourishment and detoxification, Bioessence sees to it that a client is treated with a personalized approach to provide the best treatments that have gratifying results.

 Bioessence Pampanga treatment room/lavish corridor/sauna

Bioessence Beauty and Wellness Products
Pampering has never been perfected until Bioessence created its own line of skin and beauty products to match the excellent skin and body treatments they offer. Quality made and formulated with the best ingredients Bioessence brand of products boasts a complete skin and beauty pampering items from sunscreen, soaps, skin cleansers, serums, toner, aromatherapy among others to complete the regimen.

Caring Beyond Beauty is the philosophy Bioessence holds true. From the expert and nurturing pampering skin and body treatments to unparalleled customer service, Bioessence through the years is a force to reckon with when it comes to beauty and wellness industry.

So, head on to Bioessence SM Pampanga and start your beauty journey to skin and body wellness now! Because, BIOESSENCE will make you beyond beauty!

Learn some beauty secrets and latest updates by following BIOESSENCE on Facebook and learn more about beauty and wellness. Drop by for some expert pampering at the newly opened Bioessence SM City Pampanga at 2nd Level- accepts inquiries thru 0930-4260700 or 0967-6910556

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