Mar 27, 2019

Pilipinas Shell Women Drive the Future: Empowering Women on the Road

In today’s technology driven world, unfortunately there is still discrimination or stereotyping about women drivers. Amidst the clamor for women empowerment, wherein women are recognized for exemplary abilities, stigma still prevails against women drivers.

As the world celebrates the International Women’s Month last March, Pilipinas Shell is also celebrating its 105 glorious years in the Philippines. Known as the global leader in power and energy, Shell launched a unique campaign that will provide a platform that aims to empower women to take the lead in creating a bright future which will subsequently eradicate the stigma against female drivers.

Vanessa Ejercito, Shell FuelSave Brand Manager

The campaign is aptly dubbed as “Women! Drive the Future”, that is geared towards empowering women drivers redefining the essence of women who drive while crashing down the stereotype beliefs associated with female drivers. This campaign will support meaningful journeys that women go through every day. This will also motivate women to embrace their capabilities, fulfill their full potential and inspire them to go wherever they want to go.


We want to bring together women to talk about how they take on the road ahead of and how they can use this to take control of their lives. We at Shell believe that, through this campaign, we will be able to better understand and subsequently address the needs of every female driver,” said Vanessa Ejercito, Shell FuelSave Brand Manager during the media launch last March 16 at the elegant The Blackbird at The Neilson Tower.

Luna Garcia, A-1 Driving School Business Development Head

Several initiatives were made by Pilipinas Shell to enhance the journeys of women drivers such as partnering with the country’s biggest retail giant through SM Advantage Card that allows cardholder to earn points each time they gas up with Shell. Well- appointed ladies comfort rooms are provide by Shell gasoline stations for the comfort of women drivers while Shell Select and Deli2Go has a good array of healthy products perfect for women. 

A solid partnership with the country’s leading driving school A-1 Driving School will strengthen the abilities of women drivers. A-1 is in full support in breaking the stigma on women drivers through information dissemination and education.

With this in mind, a special program was created called “Women on Wheels” that is centered on road safety which tackles understanding road signs up to learning basic troubleshooting such as changing tires. 

“We want to emphasize that there are numerous preventive measures that we can take to minimize accidents. You start with following the rules, driving defensively, and ensuring proper vehicle maintenance,” Luna Garcia of A-1 noted.

We believe that driving is a skill that every woman should have. And through this program, we foresee a future where there will no longer be a distinction of gender but only between an educated and misinformed driver.” Garcia added.

Gracing the Women! Drive the Future launch event are International racecar driver Michele Bumgarner, Baby Barangay members Kelly Misa-Fernandez, Patty Laurel-Filart, and Bianca Santiago. Also present at the event is Rowie Abracero, Directress of the Girls Racers club—the first all-female car enthusiast club in the Philippines. Hosted by Riki Flo of Magic 89.9, these gorgeous women opened the discussion about driving out the stereotypes and supporting gender equality on the road.

Later that day during the launch, the lady drivers participated in a hands-on demonstration conducted by A-1 Driving School. Common issues that drivers encounter on the road such as changing tries, dead car battery and lubricant checking were discussed during this activity.

This event is the very first of the planned three activations that will echo the call for women to drive the future. The next “Women! Drive the Future” event will soon take place in Cebu and Davao reaching more Filipina drivers and empowering women across the nation.

I am personally grateful to Pilipinas Shell, for the opportunity to be part of this empowering event. And as a lady driver, the Women Drive the Future campaign is very valuable and has strengthen my confidence on and off the road.

Chic Way to Chill with Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato

Because some like it deliciously sweet…in pink!

When you think about wine, you envision a relaxing moment after work with friends or a fancy dinner with your SO or simply chill mode enjoying your ‘me time’. Whichever way you prefer having your wine and when or with whom you want to share it with, one thing is for sure- wine can make you feel good.

But what about having your wine in PINK? Gearing away towards the usual red or white wine variety comes a refreshingly light and aromatic concoction called Pink Moscato. And when it comes to wines, one brand name comes to mind and its CARLO ROSSI.

Pink Moscato is a delightful variation on the wine, that features white Moscato wine made from Muscat Blanc grape variety. Added to the mix is a dash of Merlot making it uniquely invigorating in terms of flavor and texture. With subtle floral notes in the right sweetness and medley of fruity flavors of peach, nectarine and citrus, Moscato pink offers a new option to enjoy wine in a more refreshing way and Carlo Rossi just perfected it.

Carlo Rossi is one of the top choices when it comes to wine in the Philippines and it is being distributed by Emperador Distilleries Inc. and comes in a 750ml bottle with just the perfect kick of 9% alcohol content. Just right when you want to chill and unwind.

Carlo Rossi Moscato Pink Launch
Pink Fashion Show

Its’ pink all the way! Carlo Rossi did it again and presented a lavished product launch to introduce the newest sweet wine in the market through a pink fashion show.

Held last March 21 at the posh Savoy Hotel, the pool area was turned into a runaway where creations of chic designer Paul Semira filled the venue with a vibrantly sweet pink energy. 

Featuring haute couture all pink masterpieces, guests are all in awe marveling in his ingenuity by presenting simple and yet elegantly pink clothing collection.

Top fashion models, beauty pageant winners and TV celebrities walked the poolside runway in stunning pink creations that epitomize what Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato is all about- light, carefree but elegantly sweet!

My PINK Carlo Rossi Experience
As one of the media partners invited to witness the grand launching of the newest wine sensation in the market, I am happy to be part of this successful event- PINK MOVEMENT.

Carlo Rossi Moscato Pink took me by surprise on my first sip. It’s delectably sweet with a tiny pinch of tartness that plays inside my mouth. I love the pleasant taste and how light it is to drink. 

Carlo Rossi brand of wines is my favorite for many years now.  What excites more is that I can enjoy my wine in a shabby chic way, of course with Pink Moscato. I am hooked on it and I recommend everyone to give it a try. So cheers!

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Mar 26, 2019

Discover Mermaid Island Organic and Cruelty-Free Make-Up

Make-up and cosmetic products are supposed to make us look pretty but most beauty products are loaded with synthetic ingredients that can affect our skin and health. What good it is to look all dolled-up when you know you are putting on toxins on your skin which can be absorbed by the body? So, before you dab those lip tints or dust your cheeks with that store-bought blush-on think again and better think harder. 

There’s no doubt that smart women nowadays are conscious about what they use on their face and invest on good all-natural and organic make-up products. It may be costly compared to the what you commonly see on the market, but they know that they are doing themselves a favor by taking care of their well-being not only their looks. But certified organic cosmetic need not be expensive, and this is the perfect solution that Mermaid Island thought of offering to all ladies both young and old.

Mermaid Island SEAcrets Revealed

Mermaid Island is the brainchild of beauty and lifestyle blogger, Via Tancuan.

The idea dawned on her in September 2017 as she was then sporting a bold hair color. She noticed that her hair color fades easily upon the use of regular commercial shampoo. She then wondered if there’s a shampoo in the market currently being offered, that’s gentle for colored and treated hair. Upon searching, she noticed that the available hair products are priced relatively higher.

In May 2018, already married and pregnant, she began to revisit her idea, because she knew aside from hair shampoo, she also had to switch to healthier alternatives including cosmetics and skin care products.
Aside from color-friendly hair creams, she was also looking up for face powders and eye makeup that are safe for pregnant and lactating women.

Via speculated that if she was experiencing this kind of problem, there’s also a possibility that there were also similar women who share the same kind of sentiments. She signed up to attend courses to learn more about the craft and science of mineral cosmetics and organic skin care.
Hence, Mermaid Island finally came to shore.

Mermaid Island is an all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free line of cosmetics. The local brand is inspired by the carefree yet fancy, bold yet mysterious, undiscovered yet mesmerizing world of mermaids.

The underwater concept is supposed to be easily relatable since most girls of all ages have once watched Walt Disney’s The Little Mermaid or Mars Ravelo’s Dyesebel.

These heroine mermaids are often depicted as calm, friendly, beautiful, unyielding, too excited to walk to be on land.

It is also easily noticeable how each product name is carefully thought of, as well as its variants. For one, Beach Perfect (Lip and Lid Cheek Clay Stain) is inspired by the musical “Pitch Perfect”.

All of its shades are named after songs too, of course with a touch of anything related to island life, sea, summer, and creatures of the ocean. For example, Tropic Like It’s Hot (reminiscent of Drop it Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg ), and Reef I Were A Boy (If I Were a Boy by Beyonce Knowles).

They have also recently launched a few skin care products for men, including shampoo bars, dry shampoo, and hand sanitizers.

Mermaid Island Advocacy: Self-love, we are all worth it!
Mermaid Island promotes self-love by encouraging makeup fans to invest in their natural health. The brand only uses certified organic and natural raw ingredients to ensure that women can enjoy good and quality cosmetics that are safe (even for teens, pregnant, and lactating women), effective, and environmentally friendly.

The clam squad behind the makeup line hopes to inspire all women by being confident and finding beauty in enhancing their own skin through the use of natural products. For them, choosing healthier options is like ‘outswimming’ – winning a race to uphold a good cause.

The brand wants to make a shrimpact by providing quality, affordable, and unintimidating beauty that will dolphinetly complement their clients’ ever dynamic lifestyle. 

Each product is prudently handcrafted with love and mermaid magic – because in Mermaid Island, “Beauty that outswims, outstands.”
mobile: 0956 249 5365

#MermaidIsland #NaturalBeauty

Mar 23, 2019

Sanib Pwersa Bonsai Exhibit at SM North Edsa: Mesmerizing Union of Art and Nature

“Bonsai represents the three virtues or shin-zen-bi, which translates into truth, goodness and beauty.”

When nature thrive, there is always something beautiful and precious around us. Nature is often associated with feelings of tranquility, a zen-like sense of being that is calming and endearing. Art on the other hand represents ingenuity- a means of creative expression. When you combine nature and art together you’ve got something more profound such as bonsai, ikebono, suiseki and ikebana which are ancient Japanese art disciplines that are being enjoyed by many people today.

SM Supermalls has once again presented a worthy and unique exhibit of precious bonsai trees in pots, viewing stones, and ikebana arrangements plus workshops by Masters of the craft. Dubbed as “Sanib Pwersa- Art + Nature Bonsai Competition and Exhibit”, this public and free event was held at The Block at SM City North Edsa last March 22 to 25.

With more than 200 bonsai trees, ikebana masterpieces and suiseki viewing stones on exhibit, this is now the biggest bonsai show in the country and the very first of its kind at SM Supermalls. 

So delighted to meet the Bonsai Master Kunio Kobayashi from Japan and learned some valuable tips.

A roster of distinguished lecturers – National Bonsai Association of Taiwan Bonsai Master Amy Liang, Bonsai Master Kunio Kobayashi from Japan, Bonsai Master Yen Zi Jing from Taiwan, Bonsai Master Wu Jian Zhang from Taiwan, Expert on Viewing Stones Thomas Elias from USA, Expert on Viewing Stones Hiromi Nakaoji from Japan, and Ikenobo Professor Romeo Balderrama, Jr. from the Philippines conducted talks for the public.

Grateful to SM Supermalls for promoting culture and the arts. Together with The Philippine Bonsai Society, Natural Stone Society of the Philippines, and Ikebono Ikebana Society of Manila #67, art and bonsai enthusiasts have experienced a serene ‘green’ moment while at the mall.

(1st photo) With Mr. Anthony Gedang- founder of Natural Stone Society of the Philippines - NSSP
(2nd photo) former Secretary of Justice Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre II is an avid Bonsai enthusiast.

SUISEKI ☯️The Japanese word, suiseki, is defined as a single stone that has the power to suggest something in nature far greater than itself. (Matsuura, 2010). It is also known as Viewing Stones. 

IKEBANA is the art of Japanese floral arrangement that conforms to strict guidance and formality.

I considered myself lucky to witness such a blissful and invigorating event. Thank you SM Supermalls, for championing movements and events that are worthwhile. 

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