Dec 12, 2016

Health Benefits of Elken Elcafe: Why I am Switching from Regular Coffee to Elken Elcafe

Any coffee lover would agree that having a good cup of coffee is like taking a happy pill- it can perk you up and let you start the day in a good mood. 

Like many Filipinos, I can say that I am a coffee fanatic. It is more of a need for me than just sipping it to pass away time. 

We have all the reasons to indulge in our daily dose of caffeine fix but come to think of it- is the coffee that you enjoy drinking everyday has significant health benefits?

I am asking this because my Elken coffee does- it's ELCAFE! 

What is Elken Elcafe?

Elken Elcafe is an innovative healthy coffee mix born out of intensive research. Elcafe is a 5 in 1 instant coffee drink that comes with Ginseng and Gingko Biloba extracts. Made from premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that promises a gratifying bold coffee flavor in every sip, elken elcafe mix exudes a rich aroma that will indulge any coffee lover.

What are the health benefits of drinking elcafe?

I consider ELKEN ELCAFE as the tastiest and healthiest instant coffee mix that I ever tasted. I’ve learned that elcafe elken coffee is made with gingko biloba and ginseng extracts which are natural key ingredients that are loaded with healthy benefits. Just to enumerate some of elcafe health benefits:

  • Elcafe has powerful antioxidants that will strengthen the immune system
  • Taking elcafe coffee daily helps the body fight infections while increasing the body’s resistance from bacteria, virus and other microorganisms that can cause diseases
  • Elcafe promotes improved circulation in the body by enhancing the distribution of oxygen
  • It can help boost mental function, cognitive ability, and learning capacity
  • Boosts memory and concentration
  • Taking elcafe mix everyday decreases and prevents inflammation
  • It can aid in a faster recovery when afflicted with an illness
  • Elcafe can help slow down the body’s aging process
  • Taking elcafe coffee daily increases energy level
  • It will improve metabolism promoting weight loss
  • Elcafe can help lower down blood sugar levels
  • Has potent anticancer properties coming from ginseng
  • Supports sexual functions and reproductive health
  • Drinking elcafe coffee will help improve lung function
  • It reduces PMS symptoms in menstruating women
  • Aids in treating headaches and migraine attack
  • Helps maintain vision health by fighting free radicals that can damage the eyes
  • Drinking elken elcafe daily decreases stress by promoting good mood and calm disposition.

Whew! There are many health benefits in drinking elken elcafe coffee daily and the ones I mentioned are just some benefits. Just imagine how switching from your regular coffee to Elken Elcafe would do to your wellness. 

I made a commitment to myself to seriously start taking care of my well-being that is why I decided to switch from regular coffee to elken elcafe and this is by far the best decision I made this 2016.

You too can start enjoying the good taste of a world class quality healthy coffee mix and start living a life that’s full through ELKEN ELCAFE. Make the switch now and live healthy! 

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(Note: I am not being paid to do this elken elcafe review and product write-up. I just happened to enjoy the good coffee taste and realized that ELKEN ELCAFE mix has a lot of health benefits to offer for my wellness. I strongly believed in this product and just want to share this good news to you. I will also try other ELKEN health and beauty products and learn more about it very soon. Meanwhile, I will savor my elken elcafe while writing this-cheers to good health!)

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