Apr 12, 2016

1st Balinese Massage in the Philippines by BlueWater Day Spa

“It’s about time to deviate from the idea that a spa massage is only a luxurious indulgence, but rather a scientifically proven means that can be beneficial to your health.”

People nowadays are taking initiatives to look good and feel good inside out and one way of achieving this is through a spa massage treatment.
Gone are the days that the idea of indulging in spa massages is an extravagant activity but the truth is many individuals are now realizing that a massage is more of a necessity than a luxury.

Good thing that there are best spas in Manila that offers various pampering treatments including all kinds of massages but one company stands out all these years when it comes to great professional spa services and it is the Bluewater Day Spa.
Last April 5 at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City, BlueWater Day Spa gathered all the lovable hunks and popular celebrity babes to launch the very first Balinese massage in the Philippines featuring the four-hand massage technique.

What is Balinese massage with the four-hand technique?
Being the first to offer the Balinese massage in the Philippines, BlueWater Day Spa went beyond the ordinary and incorporated the 4-hand massage technique with the ancient Balinese style massage.

Balinese massage can be traced way back to 600 AD. The evolution of this ancient massage is very interesting since it has evolved over time. From the Hindu based culture with influences Buddhism. Around the same time Ayurvedic practice was adopted which included the utilization of healing massage techniques using aromatic oils and healing herbs. By the time Islam conversion started in Java Indonesia around 1478 to 1520 AD the Balinese massage that was often associated with healing geared towards relaxation to fulfill the request of incoming tourists in the area. This is the birth of contemporary Balinese massage and BlueWater Day Spa made it more appealing by offering it with the 4-hand technique that can provide dual full body massage.
The four hand massage is a rejuvenating and out-of-this-world experience since two people will work on your body at the same time. With synchronized movements, the massage will engage you in total relaxation that will allow you to let go of all worries and indulge your way to rejuvenation.

The 4-hand Blue Water Balinese Massage grand launch event and presentation of celebrity endorsers
It was a fun-filled afternoon where gorgeous hunks and beautiful ladies paraded on stage to represent what BlueWater Day Spa is all about.
Hosted by the beautiful Arielle Arida and handsome Fabio Ide, the launch jumpstarts with a talk from Mr. Francis Simisim-president of BlueWater Day Spa wherein he introduced their latest spa treatments, brand ambassadors and newest celebrity endorser.

Francis Simisim-president of BlueWater Day Spa
First set of BlueWater Day Spa brand endorsers paraded on the stage featuring Mercator Models with Fabio Ide, Philippe Escalambre, Amadeo Leandro, Mark McMahon, Brent Javier and Sam Ajdani. Beauty queens Miss International 2014 Bianca Guidotti and Ms Universe 2013 3rd runner up Ariella Arida with hunk athlete Anthony Semerad also paraded on stage.

GMA Network shining stars were also present and these popular hunks perfectly embody what BlueWater Day Spa is all about. On stage came Kapuso actors Benjamin Alves, Ervic Vijandre, Mike Tan and Aljur Abrenica.

BlueWater Day Spa also has Nikki Gil as their brand ambassador and rendered a beautiful song. While the finale came when the newest endorser of BlueWater Day Spa was introduced and it’s good to see Ms. Kim Chiu as their new ambassador. Her youthful charms and energetic aura fills the stage as she belts out a song. She is truly perfect for BlueWater.

These celebrity BlueWater endorsers really know how to relax and pamper themselves and it is possible with BlueWater Day Spa.

Offering the best spa treatments and relaxing massages, BlueWater Day Spa has become the go-to place when it comes to ultimate relaxation. Just like their celebrity ambassadors you too can pamper and relief stress. After all, we all deserve to reward ourselves with the best spa services in the metro. Unwind and relax by enjoying the latest Balinese four hand massage today.

Visit BlueWater Day Spa at Ortigas-Greenhills( 727-8420), Makati (817-3126), Capitol Hills (473-0456), Eastwood City (915-1247), Cotabato City (09228399751) and Naga City (09177391822) and avail of their ongoing summer promo up to 50% off on selected treatments until May 31, 2016.
Get the latest updates on spa services and promos by following BlueWater Day Spa on Facebook.

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Apr 9, 2016

Kevin Costner latest movie "The Criminal" opens this April 13

Hollywood’s Big Boys came out to play in the action-genre movie The Criminal. After playing the snarky superhero Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds takes on a more clean-cut character as he plays top CIA agent Bill Pope, who was on an important mission before he was killed. In order to extract vital information, his memories, skills, and training were transplanted into hardened criminal Jericho Stewart’s (Kevin Costner) brain. The procedure was performed by a neuroscientist (Tommy Lee Jones) under the orders and close monitoring of the CIA chief (Gary Oldman).

What they didn’t count on was that Stewart was also able to absorb the other aspects of Pope’s memories, particularly his love for family and an overwhelming sense of responsibility. The fallen agent’s wife, Jill Pope (Gal Gadot) helps convince him of his purpose. For the first time in his life, the criminal was able to clearly distinguish right from wrong and sets about to save the world.

The criminal becomes the hunted yet again, but this time he is on the side of the law. The mission is in the memories and every memory holds a clue. He has 48 hours to find a valuable CIA asset called The Dutchman in order to foil an international terrorist’s plans.    

Aside from the intriguing premise, The Criminal movie is jam-packed with enough action scenes, explosions, and car chases to satisfy the hardcore action-genre fan.  What is likewise interesting to note is that this is the second collaboration of top-draw film stars Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones following the 1991 thought-provoking film JFK.

The explosive movie is directed by Ariel Vromen, whose previous work on a serial killer called The Iceman garnered notice at the 69th Venice Film Festival and was released worldwide in 2013. Producer Chris Bender of the American Pie and The Hangover Series is also involved in the project.

The Criminal opens in Philippine theaters on April 13, 2016 and is released locally by OctoArts Films International. 

Apr 7, 2016

Culture Club with Boy George Live in Manila

I know you'll miss me
I know you'll miss me
I know you'll miss me blind
-Culture Club

It’s Boy George and the Culture Club live in Manila!!!!

Who would have expected that one of the biggest ‘80s pop groups, Boy George and the Culture Club, are back together for a major concert tour? This news doesn't get much cooler for all their Filipino fans with the announcement of a Philippine Leg slated on June 17 and 18, 8PM at the Araneta Coliseum. As the title of their song says, “It’s A Miracle”!

Formed in 1981 in London, Culture Club is known for smash hits “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?,” “Time (Clock of the Heart),” “Karma Chameleon,” “Miss Me Blind,” “The War Song,” “Love is Love,” among other chart-toppers. The group achieved worldwide success in the Eighties, scoring three Top Ten U.S. hits from their debut album, Kissing to Be Clever, and becoming the first group to hit that milestone since the Beatles.

Composed of Boy George (lead vocals), Jon Moss (drums), Mikey Craig (bassist) and Roy Hay (guitar), Culture Club rode a wave of pop hits and sold more than 10 million copies of their album Colour By Numbers and captured the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. The said album is included in Rolling Stone’s 100 Best Albums of the 1980s.

The band broke up in 1986 and got back together in 1998. Their last album, Don't Mind If I Do, was released in 1999. In November 2014 the band released “More Than Silence”, their first single from their upcoming album called Tribes, expected for release this year.

There wouldn’t be any point in doing it if it wasn’t everybody. I think when bands try to come together and they got like a different singer or a different drummer, it’s never quite the same. Theres a kind of magic about those four people that created the band,” says the flamboyant Boy George about Culture Club’s reunion.

After all these years, Culture Club has not missed a beat! The group kicked off with their tour last year and their fans are really happy to see them back on stage.

Boy George, who is now regularly seen as a judge in The Voice U.K., is excited to perform for their Filipino fans. He expects it to be one big party and a celebration of one’s individuality.

George said, “We’re rewriting the story of Culture Club. This concert tour will be a new chapter and will definitely be part of the band’s history. And we’d like all our supporters, fans, and everyone to be part of that story.”

Culture Club Featuring Boy George is a must-watch concert as it happens live for the first time in Manila, presented by Royale Chimes Concert & Events Inc. Tickets are now on sale at Ticketnet (911-5555). For more info, call (0918) 497-2121 and (0906) 418-0786.

Drs. Manny and Pie Calayan revolutionizes the beauty industry in the Philippines

Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.
 –Edgar Allan Poe

Drs. Manny and Pie Calayan are essentially re-defining the meaning of real beauty

Big and amazing changes are coming this 2016 when it comes to ultimate glamor-filled beauty and skin pampering services courtesy of the beauty experts Manny and Pie Calayan.

Finally, after 5 long years in the US and after fulfilling her mommy duties to daughters who studied there, Dra. Pie Calayan is back in Manila. 

The gorgeous beauty guru Dra. Pie is setting grand plans for the Calayan Surgicenter boosting 21 years of expert service in the beauty industry that will surely solve beauty woes among faithful clients and for those who need quality skin and body treatments.

In line with the planned epic changes for Calayan Surgicenter is the opening of new branches. By the end of the year a new Calayan clinic will be opened in Alabang serving the beautiful people in the south of Manila area. 

Expansions are also expected to serve clients outside Metro Manila with new clinics in Baguio and an overseas branch coming soon in Japan. This is good news for all beauty fanatics aside from the Calayan Timog QC and Makati branche,  we have more places to go to when it comes to top of the line beauty services. 

Part of the changes that the Calayan Surgicenter will have is the upgraded look of its clinics. Dra. Pie want their clients to feel very relaxed in a more cozy and homey atmosphere. Gone are the dark black and brown colors and in with a fresher interior done in pastel hues that are visually pleasing and relaxing too. Installation of glass panels will replace solid walls that will allow more light and better air circulation. New comfy facial beds and the latest treatment machines will ensure clients’ maximum satisfaction.

Papalitan lahat. Our goal is to have a major makeover of the clinics and give them a new image and a fresh, modern look. So the client will feel very at home pa rin at di nila maramdaman na nasa clinic sila,” as Dra. Pie Calayan expresses. She is really committed in providing a whole new experience and total customer satisfaction.

Changes will also take in place in designing a new fresher logo and rebranding from the old Calayan Surgicenter that we all used to know to a more personalized brand name “Drs. Manny and Pie” or in short “PieMann” which will bring in a better recall.

Aside from upgrading the Calayan clinics, rebranding, new logo and acquisition of high-tech beauty treatment machines, Drs. Manny and Pie will have a stronger online presence via their hip and user-friendly website and a newly improved Drs. Manny and Pie YouTube channel wherein the beautiful Dra. Pie gets to answer some beauty, skin and body related questions through videos. 

A visit to the Calayan website will show you all the information you’ll need at http://www.mannyandpiecalayan.com. It also features the services they offer along with testimonials from popular celebrities like Sam YG who brags about his Hair Max treatment which is one of the exclusive services that the Calayan doctors are offering.

One thing that Calayan promises is the more intimate and personalized approach when it comes to helping out clients. Among the big changes that the couple intends to accomplish the most valuable thing is making a personal connection with their clients. Drs. Manny and Pie are avid proponents of “alternative dermatology” wherein medicine and drugs are not always the primary treatment option. As for Dra. Pie, she also plans to share valuable advice to clients incorporating her healthy vegan lifestyle.

“We are focusing more now on personalized consultation and treatment. Hands-on,” says Dra. Pie. “Sa ibang clinics kasi, when you go there for a consultation, maraming doctors, may nagko-konsulta sa iyo, tapos may gagawang iba. But with us it’s really personalized. Kami pa rin ni Doc. And we really try to have a personalized relationship with our clients, that if they have questions, madali kaming ma-contact para sumagot. Si Doc ‘yung nag-o-opera, and I do the procedures, especially if the patient wants it that way. But usually, ‘yun nga, lahat ng surgery kay Doc, lahat ng derma sa akin. So that means lahat ng skin-related issues like pigmentation, fine lines, whitening, I take care of those”.

People nowadays are very conscious about health and wellness. It is not all about looking good in front of the mirror but most importantly it is more of feeling good from the inside. If you feel healthy inside it will radiates beauty from within. The cosmetic aspect is just one portion of the holistic approach that the Calayan couple intends to provide their clients.

Dra. Pie explains further: “I try to avoid if possible giving drugs to my patients. The products I have are plant-based, like my lifestyle, because I’m vegan. Nakita ko ang benefit sa akin. Pati patients ni Doc, ako na rin nag-co-consult sa kanila on how to maintain their post-lipo figure. I give them what they can do, what food they can eat, kasi ang plants naman are naturally low in calories”.

Dra. Pie on acne treatment says- “I treat the patient as a whole, and not just the symptoms,” and added “Like with acne for instance, there are a lot of factors why people get acne, so we consider all the factors. We unravel everything that could cause acne, para maiwasan. Gusto ng patients ‘yon, especially teenagers. I don’t introduce chemical or drugs into their bodies”. This is the kind of extraordinary approach that doctors Manny and Pie will provide their patients by going back to the root cause of the issue in a modern setting. 

When it comes to the prices of Calayan services, the good doctors assure everyone that it would be very reasonable. They also like to share their expertise when it comes to beauty and skin treatments to as much as many people who need their help.

Drs. Manny and Pie frequently will introduce promos particularly on holidays making their services affordable to everyone. They simply believe that beauty should be for everyone by saying “We want to cater to people from all walks of life”- Pie and Manny Calayan.

Learn more about Drs. Pie and Manny Calayan and how they can help you feel and look beautiful by visiting their website and follow them also on social media:


When it comes to beauty treatments I could only say that I only trust the Calayans. Being friends with Drs. Manny and Pie for quite a while, I could only endorse a brand that I trust. I am proud to be associated with them and happy to share this good news to ALL.

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