Sep 13, 2016

Celebrate Mexico at SM Supermalls


In celebration of the Mexico’s National Day this September, the Mariachi Achai Ensemble will give mallgoers a taste of Mexican music and culture at SM.

A joint partnership between the Mexican Embassy in the Philippines and SM, Mariachi performances will be at the SM Aura Premier Atrium on September 16, Friday, 3pm and at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall on September 14, Wednesday, 5pm.

The Mariachi Achai Ensemble, a group of musicians from the northwestern state of Sinaloa will bring Mexican traditional music and dance to the malls with performances at SM Aura Premier on September 16 and at SM Megamall on September 14.

Achai is an organization that has represented Cajeme, Sonorous, and Mexico for the past 22 years. The institution helps in the cultural and integral growth of young people who occupying their time in cultural activities that teach them discipline, preparation, and formation for their future lives. One of their objectives is to teach the youth, the love for their traditions, music, and folklore.

One-way is through its Mariachi musical group, which consists of ten or more members, originally from Mexico, who play different instruments. These include at least two violins, two trumpets, one Spanish guitar, one vihuela (a high-pitched, five-string guitar) and one guitarrĂ³n (a small-scaled acoustic bass.

The Mariachi Achai Ensemble consists of 10 members, 9 Mexican and one Filipino performers. These are young people – mostly college students – with a basic knowledge of music. Formed in 1996, the band made its first successful tour in 1997, and members are well trained by director Ariel Guerrero who tapped the famous teachers of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jalisco, Ramon Becerra and Sara Latsanch.

The Mariachi Achai Ensemble is known for performing while going around the audience and will also perform songs of Juan Gabriel, a famous Mexican singer and songwriter.

The celebration of the Mexico’s National Day in the Philippines through the Mariachi – Achai band performances is one of the many cultural events at SM Supermalls.

Sep 12, 2016

Feng Shui Expert in the Philippines Marites Allen Meetup

Feng-shui has been around for thousands of years now and what makes this practice still popular is the fact that it can provide harmony and balance in one’s life. No wonder why many Filipinos are now embracing this ancient Eastern philosophy.

From following rituals and buying items for good luck, Pinoys will seek out things that will bring positivity in their life. However in reality, people could acquire things for luck such as lucky charms, crystals and figurines but what good that these things will do if they do not know how to use it or not even sure if they are getting the ‘legit’ feng shui stuff.

What makes FRIGGA Charmed Life shop of Ms. Marites Allen special, is the fact that the fengshui expert herself handpicked all the items from all over the world. Frigga only showcases genuine items that could attract positivity by applying the best philosophies of feng shui.

Special day for Feng Shui fans
This afternoon (September 12) is extra special for Frigga shop loyal clientele. Not only that they get to shop for the best feng shui items for good luck, they also had a chance of spending some time with Ms. Marites Allen. 

The group of lovely ladies gathered around Ms. Marites and able to share stories while getting some sound advice from the feng-shui master in the Philippines. 

One lady is a former OFW in Hong Kong who worked abroad for over 20 years and she decided to get back for good. A young mother who is scheduled to take her CPA licensure exams asked for some lucky charms while a landscape architect who used to work overseas needs to adjust to a career change. 

Part of this lucky group of ladies is Jhanet, who is a business owner who is seeking the best feng shui charms for her store while Dhiane Delgado who owns several food outlets needs good luck for her business since her sign (year of the dog) is facing tough challenges this year. 

These are just a few people who Ms. Marites Allen and her Frigga Charmed Life store had helped. And over the years the lovely feng shui master in the philippines had a long list of clientele including high profile celebrities who she considers as friends too. In spite of Ms. Allen hectic daily schedule, she still finds time to mingle with her loyal patrons and give personal fengshui counselling. 

Anyone who is concern with their luck and life should consider visiting Frigga Charmed Life stores. Ms. Marites Allen can also be contacted for personal or business consultation to enhance the flow of luck and welcome positivity in a Frigga lifestyle way.

By the way, the name Frigga means ‘goddess of heavens’ in old Norse mythology. You too can tap the positive power of the universe and discover new possibilities and opportunities in life through Marites Allen and Frigga Charmed Life Boutique. 

Frigga Charmed Life Boutique stores are located in SM Mall of Asia, SM The Block North Edsa, Glorietta 4 Makati and SM. Seaside Cebu.
Visit Marites Allen website or follow Frigga by Marites Allen on Facebook for updates and feng-shui inspirations. You could also shop on Frigga UK online.

About Marites Allen
Ms. Allen is the first and only Filipina to be awarded the prestigious title “Master in Feng Shui” by the world-renowned International Feng Shui Association, and has the honor of of bringing their global annual event to the Philippines for the first time later in 2017. She is also an author, publisher, consultant and former television show host.

Sep 9, 2016

Binondo Warehouse Sale: Chritsmas Shopping this September

The Binondo Warehouse Sale is the place to shop for massive discounts on branded items.

Metro Creative Themes Inc (MCTI) will hold the last quarter BINONDO WAREHOUSE SALE on September 12-18, 2016 at the State Center Investment Building, along Juan Luna St. and across the St. Lorenzo Ruiz Church from 10am -7pm daily. 

Thousands of shoppers coming mostly from the Binondo business and residential districts usually troupe to the event to take advantage of huge discounts.

The 11th BINONDO WAREHOUSE SALE is a seven-day event that showcases different brands with marked down items intended for the last quarter sale just before Christmas season begins. Shoppers will enjoy holiday price cuts by up to 70% discount, on shoes, bags, men’s and ladies’ fashion, sporting goods and accessories, personal care, appliances and gadgets and many more.

Participating brands like Hush Puppies, Sebago, Reebok,  Rockport, Fukuda Appliances and Beverly Hills Polo Club will surely delight the shoppers with their offerings and promos.

As usual, admission is free and all major credit cards are accepted.

This event is organized by MCT Events Management in partnership with RCBC Bankard: Making Your Life Better!


The event is in partnership with Sun Cellular and World Vision. With media partners- Lavishly Parsimonious Blog,, OutofTownBlog, Ask by Flow Galindez and Divisoria Guide.

For more information about the event, call Metro Creative Themes Inc. at 239-3807 or 399-2935. 

You may also follow MCT Events Management through their social media sites to keep you updated on the latest news about shopping and other amazing events: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @mcteventsmngmnt