Oct 16, 2018

Envision 2019: Premier Real Estate Expo in the Philippines

Premier Real Estate Expo at SMX MOA will Connect all 
Real Estate Stakeholders in 2019

On July 19 and 20, 2019, Housal.com, the most innovative Proptech solution for buyers, sellers, brokers and developers, invites all stakeholders in Realty and Construction to ‘Envision 2019: The Premier Real Estate Expo in The Philippines’ to be held at SMX Mall of Asia.

Mr.Yogesh Mathur, CEO of Housal and creator of Envision 2019 say: “2018 marked the year of the launch of our innovative digital Real Estate platform, 2019 marks the next step towards bringing all stakeholders together”.

Envision 2019 finally brings together all the prime stakeholders in Realty in one event. From developers to banks, from contractors to insurers and from brokers to buyers, all dots in Real Estate will be connected. The expo provides ample ways of connecting to potential clients and business partners.

(3rd from L) Yogesh Mathur, CEO of Housal and creator of Envision 2019, (4th from L) Maarten Pennings of Housal Inc. and (1st from R) Mys Sandico of PMCM Events Management

Yogesh Mathur: “Real estate and construction in the Philippines are main contributors to the 77 quarters of uninterrupted growth in GDP. Although the economic outlook remains positive, more can be done to accelerate industry growth. To keep up with the demand of an ever growing population and all the challenges that come with it in terms of infrastructure and sustainability, more collaboration and better cooperation among stakeholders is key in moving forward, hence us organizing Envision 2019.” 

Photo taken during the Envision 2019 Press Conference held last October 11 

The two-day event offers two different settings. First there is the expo, which covers 140+ booths and is open to the general public, accommodating thousands of visitors. Free registration is already possible via the event website. The second setting focuses on business matching. In a VIP area, dedicated to business leaders, the Envision team organizes several curated sessions linking participating companies with one another based on their business goals. Complimenting the business matching and expo, Envision 2019 will have a line up of top-notch speakers from the industry and continuous live entertainment to ensure that all visitors will have both a productive as well as a delightful experience.

In collaboration with event organizer PMCM Events Management, Envision 2019 invites all Real Estate Stakeholders from the Philippines and beyond to attend, exhibit and sponsor. For more information, please visit

Oct 6, 2018

Business Skills Pass Program by REX Book Store and JA Philippines

REX Book Store partners with JA Philippines, opens Business Skills Pass program for Filipino learners

Renown publisher and learning solutions provider partners with youth-focused organization to introduce business skills programs.

In today´s highly competitive global economy, equipping young learners not just with the core skills for their academic excellence, but also with the entrepreneurial edge when it comes to facing real-life challenges  head-on is an essential component for a successful future.

Announced to a rapt audience of both concerned educators and interested students during the recently-concluded Manila International Book Fair held at SMX Convention Center at Pasay recently, the partnership between REX Book Store Inc. and JA Philippines introduces their co-developed Business Skills Pass (BSP) program.

The country´s leading provider of high-quality learning solutions for young learners further ignites its commitment to providing 21st Century Education through its meaningful collaboration with Junior Achievement Philippines  (JAPI), an international organized committed to provide skills and training for young learners with lessons in workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on modules such as the BSP program.

For over 49 years, Junior Achievers Philippines Inc. (JAPI) has sought to develop future business leaders in the country by tapping the potentials and dreams of young people, inspiring and equipping them to understand what it takes to become successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, nurturing a new generation of achievers with the help of educational institutions.

Through the official launch of its BSP program, JAPI aligns with REX Book Store´s initiative of creating and sustaining a future-ready learning environment for young Filipino learners, one that moves forward with the latest advancements in educational methods and learner-enabling technology in mind.

The program is aimed at providing a degree of qualification for students which would certify them as having sufficient entrepreneurial skills to start their own business ventures, or be employed with businesses that require certain skills with an entrepreneurial orientation. The program designates results-oriented lessons integrated to a learner´s current curriculum aligned with the K-12 system.

With its full-year duration and mini-company experience, BSP creates a cohesive learning track for students who wish to enhance their business, economic, and financial knowledge. After achieving BSP certification, students are introduced to opportunities offered by both small and large businesses, as well as some of the top higher learning institutions of the country.

With the effects of the 4th Industrial Revolution continuously changing the ways with which we live in the 21st century, educational paradigms and learning methodologies must also evolve and adapt to these changes, and engage current challenges with a critically informed and holistic approach.

This is what REX Book Store strives to develop and implement with its suite of learning solutions and materials specifically designed to support the learner as a Whole Child; ensuring that each and every learner is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged throughout the learning process. With the help of schools, industries, educators, parents, and communities, REX Book Store aims to foster a holistic learning environment to ensure the success of each child, to shape and guide them towards a better, brighter future. Through its partnership with JAPI, REX Book Store widens the reach of the Business Skills Pass program, opening more opportunities for young Filipino learners to engage the challenges of the future. For more information, please visit www.bsp.rexbookstore.ph

Oct 5, 2018

Coke Studio TuneCycle Envisions World Without Waste

TuneCycle pumps up recycling experience at Coke Studio

For most people, waste recycling and creating music are simply two things that are worlds apart. But at the recent launch of Coke Studio Season 2 at the World Trade Center in Manila, these two ideas shared one stage to raise awareness about a growing plastic waste problem among the youth.

The Coca-Cola leadership team initiates action for the global World Without Waste mission with the Coke Studio TuneCycle. 

One of the highlights of the event was a live demonstration of the TuneCycle, a makeshift recyclable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle grinder that is powered by a pedal mechanism – similar to those found in bicycles. The TuneCycle also has earphones for the user to listen to original Pilipino music (OPM) as they pedal away.

This is part of the global goal of The Coca-Cola Company of a World Without Waste. In January this year, Coca-Cola announced an ambitious goal to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can sold by year 2030. In the Philippines, one of the ways to reach this goal is to bring back PET bottles home through Coke Studio.

“This is an interactive way of making the public, particularly the youth, more involved in recycling. It may be a small step, but it helps inculcate the act of recycling in their lives. As we at Coca-Cola continue to find solutions to realize a World Without Waste, every action, no matter how small, actually counts,” said Jonah de Lumen-Pernia, Director for Public Affairs and Communications of Coca-Cola Philippines.

As one of the avenues that bring Coca-Cola closer to the youth, music is also being tapped to make recycling more relevant to the younger market. As part of the Coke Studio caravan, the TuneCycle aims to amplify how each recyclable PET bottle can have another purpose after the consumption of its content. In the case of TuneCycle, the shredded recyclable PET bottles will become part of eco-bricks that will serve as pavers for a public school.

(From left) Coca-Cola ASEAN VP for Marketing Jose Luis Basauri, Coca-Cola Philippines Director of Public Affairs Jonah de Lumen-Pernia, and Vice President for Marketing Stephan Czypionka, try out the Coke Studio TuneCycle - a stationary bicycle that shreds PET bottles and other plastics to be used as ecobricks and pervious pavers.

“Every action to breathe new life into recyclables matters. Every action brings us closer to realizing the vision of a World Without Waste. With the TuneCycle, we are able to inspire more people to find ways for recyclable PET bottles to come home and breathe second lives into them, instead of throwing them in dumpsites, or worst, ending up in our oceans,” said de Lumen-Pernia.

Watch out for future Coke Studio events and bring recyclable PET bottles to their home in Coca-Cola.

Sep 24, 2018

Shell Bike Fair 2018

Together We Ride Stronger: Shell Solidifies Support for Local Biking Community

Kicking off at Baguio City last July, Shell Bike Fair wraps up this year’s festivities with a bang this Saturday, September 22 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Pasay City.

The biker community in the Philippines has grown exponentially as more and more riders consider two-wheeled vehicles as a more practical and convenient mode of transport. Based on the latest statistics from LTO, the number of registered motor vehicles in the Philippines has grown to 10.5 million as of 2017.

Pilipinas Shell, a reliable partner of the biker community, in making their rides better celebrates the courage and resilience of bikers as they take their daily journeys despite the difficulties that they face in weaving through obstacles on the road.

Shell V-Power Brand Manager, Mark Malabanan

“This day is really to express how grateful we are for the support that we received from the Filipino biking community,” said Shell V-Power Brand Manager, Mark Malabanan. “As our theme says, together we ride stronger. We are honored to be chosen as their partner on the road, being there with them through the years. And, as we have for more than a hundred years, Pilipinas Shell continues to strive to make life’s journeys better for all motorists.”

Participants were treated to special offers from Shell and event sponsors as well as exciting games and booth activities. Performances by Rico Blanco, Rocksteddy, and other local acts also rocked the event alongside celebrity guests Daiana Menezes, Yam Concepcion, and Phoebe Walker.  

Five winners each brought home scooters or motorcycles that were raffled off as major prizes:  Honda CBR150, Yamaha Mio i125, and Suzuki Raider J115. The biker community was also given the chance to express their creativity through the Modified Bike and Helmet Design contests. 

Baguio Riders Organization  
"once a BRO, always a bro!"

The highlight of the day was the announcement of the big winner of Shell Outriders: the nationwide search for the best bike club. 

Bike Club booths at the bike fair

A total of 17 finalists representing Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were picked out through careful screening of hundreds of entries received over the past two months. The chosen clubs set up creative displays at the convention hall to showcase their love for riding and how they exhibit personal and social courage. The champions received a cash prize of PHP 100,000.00 and fuel vouchers worth PHP 50,000.00. 

Shell Outriders Nationwide Search for the Best Bike Club in the Philippines winners 

(From left to right) Anthony Wee – Shell Lubricants Marketing Manager, JR Apolinario – Shell Technical Helpdesk, Lorrie Ramirez- Shell Advance Brand Manager, Mark Malabanan- Shell V-Power Brand Manager, Cherine Capadocia-Shell Brands and Communication Manager, and Brandon Briones-Shell Retail Fuels Marketing Implementor 

“We put up this search because we want to recognize bike clubs who exemplify the brand values and ideals of Shell. We were amazed to see how passionate they are for what they do and how they push to continue to outride anything.” said Shell Advance Brand Manager, Lorrie Ramirez.

This year’s Shell Bike Fair was made possible by Shell Advance and Shell V-Power, led by their passion to be the most reliable partners on the road. As a global leader in power and energy, Shell continually works to deliver smarter products and cleaner energy solutions.

Shell Advance motorcycle & scooter oils and Shell V-Power premium fuels work together in providing complete engine protection and world-class performance and efficiency on the road. With these, riders are empowered to outride the challenges that they encounter on the road.

Thank you very much Shell Philippines for the invite. Glad to experience this awesome event. See you again next year! -xoxo

For more information, visit www.shell.com.ph

COLOR GRAM: Davies Colors SM Novaliches

“Colors are the smiles of nature.”

Life is more colorful with COLOR GRAM by Davies Paints at SM City Novaliches.


SM City Novaliches in partnership with Davis Paints Philippines features a coffee themed art installation that is dedicated to give splash of colors and fun to photos and selfies. 


SM City Novaliches mallgoers and customers from all ages took a snap through different coffee themed pop-up exhibit which are the Espresso Booth, Love Coffee, Splash of Coffee, Swing and Entertainment area. 

Certified Coffee Lover

Coffee Colorgram exhibit started last September 22 until 30 at SM City Novaliches Mall Atrium. The said exhibit also coincides with SM Supermall’s nationwide campaign called Coffee Break Time at SM which celebrates coffee lovers.


WIN some SM gift certificates exclusive from SM City Novaliches which you could use for your shopping by simply having a selfie or a groufie or even an OOTD pose at the COLOR GRAM by Davies Paints exhibit at SM City Novaliches Mall Atrium. You must use the hashtag #DaviesColorsSMNovaliches to make your photo entry valid when posting.

Please don’t forget to like and follow SM City Novaliches Facebook, SM City Novaliches Twitter and SM City Novaliches Instagram to get the latest dibs and happenings at your favorite mall.

Thank you so much Davies Paints Philippines and SM City Novaliches for adding some colors into my life. My selfies are worth treasuring. XOXO

Sep 18, 2018

The Tasting Corner: Free Liquor and Wine Sampling in Selected SM Supermarkets

“Life's a waste of time, time's a waste of life so let's all get wasted and have the time of our life.”

Free sampling of Premium Wines and Spirits at The Tasting Corner in Selected SM Supermarkets
For a limited time only, you can sample some of the most iconic premium wines and spirits in the world at the Tasting Corner in selected SM Markets.  This innovative new concept is the first of its kind, and a rare experiential opportunity for those who are curious about premium brands to sample these drinks in their “perfect serve”.  

Making the Perfect Serve
The perfect serve is the way in which wines and spirits manufacturers recommend that their drinks be served.  Most perfect serves are surprisingly not common knowledge, and quite often they are not how everybody drinks it.  

For instance, most Cognac aficionados would never think to mix Hennessy VS with ginger ale and a slice of lime, but that is exactly the way in which Hennessy recommends that Hennessy VS be enjoyed.

Everyone knows the proper lick, shoot, and suck routine for drinking room temperature Tequila, but Jose Cuervo recommends Tequila chilled to a precise temperature and taken straight up.

Hardcore Scotch Whisky drinkers usually prefer their Scotch neat or on the rocks, Johnnie Walker strongly suggests mixing Johnnie Walker black with ginger ale or cola.  And while wine connoisseurs everywhere will usually insist on room temperature serving for most if not all wine, Carlo Rossi and Los Cardos actually recommend that their wines be chilled.

The best thing is there is no need to try to imagine what that is like, these and other perfect serves are in store at the Tasting Corner, to sample for free.

It’s all about knowing the “good stuff”

Contrary to the all too prevalent mindset in the Philippines, knowing how to drink is not a skill that is based on a person’s alcohol tolerance levels.  The real skill doesn’t lie in the ability to drink huge amounts of alcohol, but in knowing the difference between an ordinary drink and “the good stuff.”

This is an idea that millennial drinkers really seem to already be embracing.  The one of a kind experiential event that is the Tasting Corner will help broaden their appreciation for the good stuff all the more. 

Addressing the media and VIPs at the launch of the Tasting Corner, Mr. Antonio Villasenor, CEO of Blue Mountain, the exclusive distributor of wines and spirits in all SM Markets explained: “The main objective of the Tasting Corner is to give our valued customers a new shopping experience at SM Markets’ Wine & Liquor Section.

We are giving them a unique opportunity to know top wine, liquor, and beer brands with the help of our Brand Ambassadors who will not just share their expertise but let them taste the liquor themselves; so they may compare and pick which brand suits them the most”.

Freebies and free samples at the Tasting Corner

The Tasting Corner is a Pop-up store that will appear in selected SM Supermarkets and Hypermarkets between August 16, and November 8.  Free samples of brands such as Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, Jose Cuervo, Fundador or Carlo Rossi, and Los Cardos will be available throughout the Tasting Corner’s limited run.  

The Tasting Corner will also offer exclusive discounts/price offs, and lucky Tasting Corner customers can also walk away with premium branded giveaways such as overnight bags, flasks,glasses, pens, and many others.  Johnnie Walker fans will love the SM 60th anniversary commemorative bottles.

Cheers! I am very happy to get some freebies at The Tasting Corner in SM wine and liquor section. You'll get freebies on promo items upon purchased. 

The complete schedule of the Tasting Corner is as follows: August 15 to 30 in SM Hypermarket Mall of Asial; August 17 to 30 in SM Supermarket The Podium, and SM Hypermarket North EDSA The Block;  August 31 to September 13 in SM Supermarket Megamall B and SM Supermarket Makati.  September 14 to 27 in SM Supermarket Aura and SM Hypermarket Pasig; September 28 to October 11 in SM Supermarket Cebu; SM Supermarket Fairview, and SM Supermarket San Lazaro; October 12 to 24 in SM Supermarket Southmall and SM Hypermarket Clark; October 26 to November 8 in SM Supermarket Lanang Davao, and SM Supermarket Baguio.

Envision 2019: Premier Real Estate Expo in the Philippines

Premier Real Estate Expo at SMX MOA will Connect all  Real Estate Stakeholders in 2019 On July 19 and 20, 2019, Housal.com...