Sep 23, 2017

Hey Sugar Waxing Salon SM Marikina is Now Open

Velvety smooth and hairless skin is what most women want to achieve these days. Gone are the tedious plucking, awful DIY waxes and razor cuts (ouch!). Glad that HEY SUGAR Waxing Salon is here and people of Marikina rejoice as Hey Sugar SM Marikina opens its doors for all of you.

It’s not about being vain or anything it’s all about feeling smooth all over. Whether you plan to be bikini clad in a nearby beach or pool or simply want to don a sexy outfit for a party elsewhere having smooth hairless skin is a major turn-on. It’s all about you and HEY SUGAR SM MARIKINA can make your simple wish a reality.

Hey Sugar makes all-natural and 100 % Sugar grooming options accessible to clients of all shapes and sizes. They use 100% naturally hypoallergenic sugar wax that minimizes side effects such as allergic reactions and chemical irritations caused by traditional wax—a gentler but no less effective way to keep your skin smooth and hair-free.

Hey Sugar!’s interiors are renowned for being warm, inviting and discreet. Clients can walk in and expect a clean and sterilized environment ideal for the sensitive beauty routines that they are about to undergo, while still feel like they are about to get pampered and taken care of.

And best of all, they can rest easy knowing they are in the hands of expert aestheticians who were trained to deliver only the best results. For newbies, this means you can easily ask your aesthetician any question about the process and advantages of sugar waxing and get a clear answer; for veterans, you know you will walk out of your appointment knowing there’s no other destination that can give you the same results using all-organic hair-removal methods. 

We strive to bring reliable and fast services, but also connect with our customers—it’s a very personal grooming procedure, after all, and we are dedicated to making customers happy and comfortable. Clients expect quality service, superior treatments and affordable prices but not at the expense of a warm and comfortable environment—and that’s exactly what we have waiting for them here,” explains Arvin A. Amaro, Hey Sugar’s Marketing Head.

At the end of the day, you and everyone else deserve to feel good with smoother skin in the sweetest way possible and Hey Sugar SM Marikina is the place to be.

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon currently has more than 25 locations nationwide, including in UP Town Center, Festival Supermall, SM Bicutan, SM Sta. Rosa, SM Bacolod, SM Calamba, Unimart Greenhills and our newest branch Hey Sugar SM Marikina. 

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Sports Barbers SM Mall of Asia: Grooming Center for Stylish Men

With pompadours on the rise, man-buns making its way on  the street, perfectly trimmed beards and facial hair making an  appearance, it’s safe to say that male grooming is finally  getting the attention it deserves. 

But while men will admittedly make more effort by way of aesthetics, the process of getting the right look still prompts them to demand the simplicity and straightforwardness of traditional barbershops. 

“Most women like being whisked away to a secluded world of pampering for their beauty treatments. The same can’t be said for men—most guys expect an efficient and clear-cut service—but not at the expense of style,” explains Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head of Sports Barbers Barbershop. 

This gave way to a new breed of barbershops—one that delivers the kind of service that they expect; one that essentially gives a modern take on an old classic. And while there have been a few cropping up here and there, none have been more accessible or as successful in providing the stylish sense that today’s grooming generation seeks than Sports Barbers.

With 13 branches all over the country, Sports Barbers recreates the traditional concept of your go-to neighborhood barbershop and offers a destination that is modern and stylish yet stays true to what men have been used to.

Its ambience and service, strongly anchored on its team’s ability to provide everything from on-trend cuts to classic styles, is a compelling reminder of inherent masculine values—adventure, straightforwardness, humor and at the end of the day, natural good looks (as opposed to self-conscious preening).

The entire concept of Sports Barbers is to deliver the best cuts for clients, inspired by traditional hairstyles and the most stylish men. The brand’s crop of barber-stylists, a term derived from the fusion of Vidal Sassoon trained cutting and styling mixed with the efficient sensibilities of old-school barbers, mean clients can confidently step into any branch and emerge looking as dapper and effortlessly good as they can be. 

“The idea is to create a go-to destination for men where they can expect the reliable, time-honoured techniques of traditional barbering and yet know they are in the hand of people who will be able to tell the difference between a short sides with brush top versus buzz crop or a pompadour versus a slick back,” ends Amaro. 

Sports Barbers Barbershop has locations in UP Town Center, Ayala Fairview Terraces, SM Clark, SM Southmall, SM Bacoor, SM Bicutan, SM Cebu, SM Bacolod and its newest brand SM Mall of Asia.

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Loving Myself the Nailaholics Way: 2017 National Pampering Day

Love yourself before you can love others. What does this mean? It means you have to take care of yourself by making YOU your priority before you can provide care and love for other people. This is what the National Pampering Day did last year as Nailaholics attempted to promote self-love by raising awareness to take good care of our self and they were successful at it.

Why 2017 NATIONAL PAMPERING DAY is very important to me?

Treating myself right.
Ever since the very first National Pampering Day last year, I began to realize that being good to myself is equally important with being good to others.

To be honest, I don't see the need to have great looking nails and beautiful hands and feet since I don’t go for vanity until the very first National Pampering Day experience last year.

I was one of the luckiest lady who had the opportunity be treated with pampering services for FREE at Nailaholics. It was a revelation since for so long I didn't gave a damn about how my nails, hands and feet on how they look like. As I recall calling those body parts of mine as "kamay at paa ng magsasaka". It's no joke, I am a 'no maintenance' woman. If others prefer to be tagged as low maintenance women, I on other hand have close to zero self-care indulgence and it was just sad.

Why I was sad? Because I am a woman. I felt terrible for neglecting my simple needs- even the simple pleasure of having a manicure or foot spa. I was denying my womanhood and Nailaholics just made me realized that.

My first Nailaholics experience took me more than 5 years since my last trip at a salon or nail parlor has been that long. The National Pampering Day has since then taught me that I am special- I am a woman and I should learn to take care of myself.

But the very best lesson I learned from Nailaholics is to love myself first. Sounds selfish but come to think about it how can I radiate love from within if I don’t give love to myself first? Makes sense- right?

It’s okay to get some pampering treatment from time to time. Don’t ever feel guilty ladies about that. It feels good to get some loving and give ourselves some loving too. Since I believe this is the only way we could share our love once we are secured and we know that we love ourselves. Feeling great has its magical powers too- believe me, it brings out the best in us and the Nailaholics upcoming National Pampering Day is a good way to start- so save the date.

NATIONAL PAMPERING DAY by Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa

Nailaholics is back in staging one big event of the year and it’s the National Pampering Day 2017 which is a nationwide celebration that welcomes everyone who want some serious pampering time. The company behind Nailaholics has so much love to give that they support two of the most worthy NGO- World Vision and PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society).

Just save the date as we anticipate the coming of 2017 National Pampering Day this October 17, 2017 (Tuesday) from 10 AM to 1 PM at any Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa branches nationwide. You can avail FREE manicure, foot spa or soothing foot massage.

Each Nailaholics branch is elegantly decorated depicting the uber-chic Hamptons that can surely bring ultimate relaxation in a classy way. Allow the expert nail technicians to take care of your hands, nails and feet that will provide an hour or two of much needed respite. We all need these from time to time.

Visit to check their services and find the branch nearest you. Get updates through their Facebook Page Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa, Twitter @_nailaholics and Instagram @_nailaholics.