Dec 18, 2018

We Bare Bears Bring Joy to SM City North Edsa this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year as always at SM Supermalls. Every year, SM Malls come up with a festive theme celebrating the Christmas holiday season unique to each supermall. This year with the opening of the newest wing the North Towers at SM City North Edsa, the lovable WE BARE BEARS are around to bring smiles to kids and people who are young at heart.

On December 14, the cute We Bare Bears brought smiles around the newly opened North Towers of SM City North Edsa. The North Towers now have over 60 tenants and lifestyle concept hubs that will provide SM patrons with more space for shopping, dining and family bonding especially this Christmas season.

Kids of all ages will have a chance to have fun with We Bare Bears and enjoy various activities that will surely provide happy memories of the Christmas season.

There will be We Bare Bears Meet and Greet schedules where kids can be with the lovable bears- Grizz, Ice  Bear and Pan Pan. Watch out for these dates at the North Towers of SM City North Edsa:

Dec 23, 1pm & 3pm
Dec 29, 1pm & 3pm
Jan 5, 1pm & 3pm
Jan 12, 1pm & 3pm

FUN We Bare Bears  activities at the North Towers of SM City North Edsa

Bear Dance  Party Game

Have the best Christmas ever at the newest North Towers of SM City North Edsa with your family and friends and of course with the lovable WE BARE BEAR! Merry Christmas!

Have a Beary Merry Christmas! #BearyMerryChristmasPH

Dec 6, 2018

CONVERGE SPEED UPGRADE FREE for Existing and New Subscribers

Converge ICT Further Upgrades the Filipino Web Experience by Upgrading Plan Speeds For Free

MANILA, December 5, 2018 | The country’s premiere fiber internet provider further cements its reputation as the Digital Game Changer by introducing one of the most important product rosters upgrades the Philippine telco industry have ever seen.

Currently, Converge ICT subscribers have already been enjoying pure, end-to-end fiber internet connection. But as a testament to the company’s advocacy to upgrade the Filipino webscape, they are rolling out what is perhaps the most market-disruptive yet consumer-centric high plans offering in recent memory. 

Starting December 6, the fiber internet provider will initiate upgrading the speeds of existing internet subscribers for free. In the new pricing strategy, Converge ICT subscribers of the 50 and 100 Mbps plans will receive a free upgrade to 75 and 120 Mbps, respectively. These speed upgrade will automatically be effective starting December 6, 2018.

Converge High 5 Media Launch Q&A about free speed upgrade and new pricing with COO Jesus "Buboy" Romero (technical issue-blooper)

Alongside this free upgrade, an add-on speed, called FiberX 1500Plus is offered to all existing for only P99 pesos, the existing subscriber can avail of 10Mbps Speeds. And to give more excitement Converge ICT is giving the add-on speed FREE for 1-month for all its 1500 existing subscribers who will avail until January 31, 2019.

These upgraded product offerings allow the consumers to maximize the country’s only symmetrical download-upload internet service. With higher speeds, all Converge home subscribers will definitely enjoy more digital activities, get equipped with more-than-sufficient network requirements as demanded by current technologies and just plainly experience better. From gamers, to bloggers, to work-from-home professionals, all data-intensive tasks are made easier and more meaningful.


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Dec 3, 2018

REX Team gets Praises at Oxford Education Conference

Manila, Philippines. During the International Conference of the International Association on Educational Assessment, a gathering of researchers and professionals in the field of education and learning technologies held in the U.K., a Filipina researcher´s presentation was cited by the conference´s keynote speaker, Dr. Arthur Graesser, as being ¨very contemporary,¨ a citation which reflects the Philippine education sector´s ongoing forays into developing 21st-century learning methods and tools for today´s young learners.

REX Book Store Managing Director Danda Buhain-Garcia  with Dr. Marilyn Balagtas and one of the board members of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The Filipina researcher lauded at the recent conference was Dr. Marilyn U. Balagtas, current Director of the Center for Research and Development in Education at the Philippine Normal University (PNU), the country´s foremost academic institution for training future educators. As a research consultant for the REX Institute for Student Excellence (RISE), the assessment arm of REX, Dr. Balagtas has worked to help REX Book Store Inc. gain insight on the latest trends and developments in learning technologies, as well as new approaches to teaching based on education research.

The paper, entitled ¨Development and Use of the 21st Century Standards-based Assessment for the K to 12 Curriculum: Towards Building a Database for Knowledge Creation,¨ was co-authored with two RISE officials, Ms. Danda Crimelda B. Garcia and Mr. Dexter C. Ngo. It was presented to a panel composed of educators and education industry assessors at the International Association in Educational Assessment (IAEA) last Sept 14, 2018.

The paper´s core idea of building an open and shared database for assessment methods, competencies, contexts, and choices,  was noted as ¨very innovative¨ by Rachel Sperring, Session Chair of the research panel. The international conference was hosted by the Oxford University Center for Educational Assessment, with participants coming in from all over the globe.

The recognition of Dr. Balagtas´ pioneering research work on the education sector at both the local and international levels has helped REX refine its development of learning solutions for the Filipino learner. As an organization at the forefront of serving and transforming the education sector towards achieving competency in meeting the demands of the 21st century, REX shares the same commitment to excellence and forward-thinking passion.

Learn more about the REX Assessment Solutions, visit

Nov 30, 2018

Seamless WiFi for Homes is Now Available via Converge Linksys Whole Home WiFi

Press Release

Converge ICT offers new Wi-Fi services, introduces Linksys

Whole Home Wi-Fi System to Fiber Consumers
Premiere fiber internet provider offers new suite of home Wi-Fi products

MANILA, November 28, 2018 | Pushing the local fiber internet services market forward, Converge ICT recently unveiled a suite of new products that's set to give a seamless connectivity experience for its subscribers.

Partnering with hardware manufacturer Linksys®, the home router pioneer and first to sell 100 million routers globally, the telco company introduced Converge Seamless, a Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System called Velop. Linksys Whole Home Mesh WiFi will help simplify the way Converge’s subscribers experience pure, end-to-end fiber internet. Linksys’ Velop Intelligent Mesh Wi-Fi system is the world’s first true Whole Home Wi-Fi with an intuitive design and functionalities that simplifies everything from setup to daily use. The Velop nodes have gained multiple industry awards for design excellence, as well as positive reviews from tech critics for both performance and reliability.

Through Converge ICT´s exclusive partnership with Linksys®, the full potential of a pure fiber connection is now unlocked right at home. Aside from having powerful devices which can take advantage of Converge ICT’s pure fiber speeds, subscribers can now fully optimize their spaces and connect anywhere within their homes and offices.

This is what the modern Filipino household needs: a seamless WiFi experience that connects not just devices, but also the whole family. One problem when it comes to household WiFi use is the existence of dead spots, specific areas within a home where the WiFi signal emitted by a router is either too weak or blocked. Dead spots are caused by signals getting blocked due to walls and other objects. With Linksys’ suite of intelligent whole-home Mesh Wi-Fi solutions, Converge ICT subscribers can now have a reliable connection wherever they may be.

The Linksys Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System nodes are crafted with a simple and sleek design that’s visually similar with current trends in IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as home hubs, smart TV boxes, and smart displays. Linksys' Intelligent Mesh Technology allows the router to self-organize, self-optimize, and healing. This simply means that each node automatically connects to your router and even suggests the best spots for you to place it. If ever a node within your home gets disconnected, the remaining nodes instantly regroup and link with each other. The nodes are very easy to set up, all users must do is plug them in, tap a few settings on the mobile app, and let the technology do the rest.

The Velop nodes also have industry-standard features such as parental control, guest access, and native testing capabilities all built into the device.

Converge is offering the Seamless Whole Home Wifi System (AC2600 Dual Band, 2-Pack White) as an Add-on service to New and Existing FiberX subscribers. The offering starts at Plan 2500 for only P600.00 per month for 24-months on top of their internet plan.

Seamless Whole Home WiFi
Linksys Velop AC2600 Dual Band(2-Pack) White
FiberX 2500
Up to 50 Mbps
FiberX 3500
Up to 100 Mbps
Fiber Xtreme 4500
Up to 300 Mbps
Fiber Xtreme 7000
Up to 500 Mbps
Php3,000/ One Time Payment

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Nov 26, 2018

Manong Toda Press Conference and Forum

With the genuine desire to help and look after the welfare of the tricycle drivers in the Philippines, Manong Toda was created.

A press conference and forum were held last November 22 at Max’s Restaurant in Quezon City that launched “Para Kay Manong Toda” where the objectives were presented to the media and guests. 

Conceptualized by Ms. Eva Lisa Adoremos, the primary goal of Manong Toda is to address the needs of our Manong tricycle drivers and with the help of The Madrigal Foundation this worthy advocacy can reach as much as many tricycle drivers nationwide. 

Some people from private sectors as well as representatives of various government agencies are ready to help spread the good news to tricycle drivers. The advocacy for the tricycle drivers in the Philippines will benefit many Filipino families who are marginalized and with various key people pledging assistance, solutions to common and basic problems of our Manong Toda drivers will be readily available.

Two set of panel discussions have transpired which covered topics from environmental issues to health and well-being for our tricycle drivers.

Set of panelists includes:

1. Shariff Ibrahim (An advocate and aspiring public servant. Running for a seat at the senate)

2. Migui Moreno (Actor and Businessman. Aspiring public servant from Quezon City)

3. Mario Batuigas (Aspiring public servant from Bulacan and a former radio broadcaster and now holds an online broadcast)

4. Bong Quiroga (Business Chamber President for Business)

5. Rey Castro (Barangay Captain at Santa Maria, Bulacan, TODA)

6. Usec Rose Bistoyong (Climate Change Council)

7. Eva Lisa Adoremos (Manong Toda)

8. Ms. Therese Madrigal (Madrigal Foundation)

Attendees comprised of key personalities from government sector, private companies and even guests from other countries. Overwhelmed with the huge success of this event, Therese Madrigal pledged that this is just the beginning of this advocacy for tricycle drivers and will soon tour the country to bring support to tricycle drivers as well as operators on a nationwide level.

The successful media launch and forum for “Para Kay Manong Toda” was moderated by PTV anchorwoman Emelie Katigbak and Manila Times business writer Engr, Grace Bondad Nicolas.

The “Para Kay Manong Toda” advocates the very basic needs of our Manong tricycle drivers. Considering that these modern-day heroes are vulnerable to various hazards that include exposure to pollution and environmental hazards, one of the objectives of Manong Toda is to address the working and health conditions of the tricycle drivers. 

Under this advocacy, the importance of medical assistance in a form of health insurance and other medical services will be readily made available to Manong Toda members.

The Madrigal Foundation believes that through information dissemination the plight of tricycle drivers in the Philippines will have a voice thus providing them a perfect channel where their needs and pleas will be heard.

Photo Op with Ms. Therese Madrigal (Madrigal Foundation) and Migui Moreno 

Manong Toda together with Madrigal Foundation and through the collective efforts of concern parties will help ensure the well-being of our tricycle drivers providing them access to various programs that aim to solve issues that concern them.

For more information on Manong Toda you may call these numbers: 09778978877/022193503

It was such an honor to be part of this event as one of the guests from the media.

Being a commuter who often ride tricycles for many years, I already seen and heard the concerns of our fellow Manong tricycle drivers firsthand.

Manong Toda is a unique advocacy that targets the concerns of tricycle drivers in the Philippines. 

Kudos to Madrigal Foundation and to Ms. Adoremos who conceptualized this advocacy campaign.

NOTICE: No part of this article should be copied, altered or used in anyway without consent from the author. All content, photos and video are credited to the author, Macy Santos.

Nov 19, 2018

Para Kay Manong Toda: An Awareness Campaign for Tricycle Drivers

On November 22, 2018 from 5:30PM to 9PM, The Madrigal Foundation headed by Ms. Patricia Madrigal with its partners will launch “Para Kay Manong Toda,” an advocacy campaign to marginalize tricycle drivers and help them alleviate their lives by being heard through forums, seminars and press conferences by inviting government officials and private sectors as panelist’s and speakers. That way, the Foundation is hoping that at least some of their needs will be heard by means of these awareness programs.

 A Forum & Press Conference is set with panelists that include: 

1. Shariff Ibrahim
2. Manny Lopez
3. Bert Hashimoto
4. Migui Moreno
5. Mario Batuigas
6. Arnel Catimbuhan (Vice Mayor Imus, Cavite for LGU)
7. Bong Quirog (Business Chamber President for Business)
8. Rey Castro (Barangay Captain at Santa Maria, Bulacan, TODA)
9. Usec Rose Bistoyong (Climate Change Council)
10. Eva Lisa Adoremos (Manong Toda)
11. Ms. Therese Madrigal (Madrigal Foundation)

The event will be moderated by PTV Anchor Emelie Katigbak and Manila Times Business Writer Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas.

The “Para Kay Manong Toda” aids the well-being of the marginalized tricycle drivers. Most of the tricycle drivers are head of the family and works 7 days a week to support their loved ones, without health insurance and most doesn’t receive benefits from the government. These modern-day heroes are exposed to pollution and environmental hazards daily.

One of the programs under this project is to seek help to focus on their working and medical conditions. In this way, these heroes can continue helping their families and the society as well giving good and safe transportation to those in need. The foundation believes that information dissemination is one way to be heard.

For more information: 09778978877/022193503
(Press Release)

Oct 16, 2018

Envision 2019: Premier Real Estate Expo in the Philippines

Premier Real Estate Expo at SMX MOA will Connect all 
Real Estate Stakeholders in 2019

On July 19 and 20, 2019,, the most innovative Proptech solution for buyers, sellers, brokers and developers, invites all stakeholders in Realty and Construction to ‘Envision 2019: The Premier Real Estate Expo in The Philippines’ to be held at SMX Mall of Asia.

Mr.Yogesh Mathur, CEO of Housal and creator of Envision 2019 say: “2018 marked the year of the launch of our innovative digital Real Estate platform, 2019 marks the next step towards bringing all stakeholders together”.

Envision 2019 finally brings together all the prime stakeholders in Realty in one event. From developers to banks, from contractors to insurers and from brokers to buyers, all dots in Real Estate will be connected. The expo provides ample ways of connecting to potential clients and business partners.

(3rd from L) Yogesh Mathur, CEO of Housal and creator of Envision 2019, (4th from L) Maarten Pennings of Housal Inc. and (1st from R) Mys Sandico of PMCM Events Management

Yogesh Mathur: “Real estate and construction in the Philippines are main contributors to the 77 quarters of uninterrupted growth in GDP. Although the economic outlook remains positive, more can be done to accelerate industry growth. To keep up with the demand of an ever growing population and all the challenges that come with it in terms of infrastructure and sustainability, more collaboration and better cooperation among stakeholders is key in moving forward, hence us organizing Envision 2019.” 

Photo taken during the Envision 2019 Press Conference held last October 11 

The two-day event offers two different settings. First there is the expo, which covers 140+ booths and is open to the general public, accommodating thousands of visitors. Free registration is already possible via the event website. The second setting focuses on business matching. In a VIP area, dedicated to business leaders, the Envision team organizes several curated sessions linking participating companies with one another based on their business goals. Complimenting the business matching and expo, Envision 2019 will have a line up of top-notch speakers from the industry and continuous live entertainment to ensure that all visitors will have both a productive as well as a delightful experience.

In collaboration with event organizer PMCM Events Management, Envision 2019 invites all Real Estate Stakeholders from the Philippines and beyond to attend, exhibit and sponsor. For more information, please visit 

Oct 6, 2018

Business Skills Pass Program by REX Book Store and JA Philippines

REX Book Store partners with JA Philippines, opens Business Skills Pass program for Filipino learners

Renown publisher and learning solutions provider partners with youth-focused organization to introduce business skills programs.

In today´s highly competitive global economy, equipping young learners not just with the core skills for their academic excellence, but also with the entrepreneurial edge when it comes to facing real-life challenges  head-on is an essential component for a successful future.

Announced to a rapt audience of both concerned educators and interested students during the recently-concluded Manila International Book Fair held at SMX Convention Center at Pasay recently, the partnership between REX Book Store Inc. and JA Philippines introduces their co-developed Business Skills Pass (BSP) program.

The country´s leading provider of high-quality learning solutions for young learners further ignites its commitment to providing 21st Century Education through its meaningful collaboration with Junior Achievement Philippines  (JAPI), an international organized committed to provide skills and training for young learners with lessons in workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on modules such as the BSP program.

For over 49 years, Junior Achievers Philippines Inc. (JAPI) has sought to develop future business leaders in the country by tapping the potentials and dreams of young people, inspiring and equipping them to understand what it takes to become successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, nurturing a new generation of achievers with the help of educational institutions.

Through the official launch of its BSP program, JAPI aligns with REX Book Store´s initiative of creating and sustaining a future-ready learning environment for young Filipino learners, one that moves forward with the latest advancements in educational methods and learner-enabling technology in mind.

The program is aimed at providing a degree of qualification for students which would certify them as having sufficient entrepreneurial skills to start their own business ventures, or be employed with businesses that require certain skills with an entrepreneurial orientation. The program designates results-oriented lessons integrated to a learner´s current curriculum aligned with the K-12 system.

With its full-year duration and mini-company experience, BSP creates a cohesive learning track for students who wish to enhance their business, economic, and financial knowledge. After achieving BSP certification, students are introduced to opportunities offered by both small and large businesses, as well as some of the top higher learning institutions of the country.

With the effects of the 4th Industrial Revolution continuously changing the ways with which we live in the 21st century, educational paradigms and learning methodologies must also evolve and adapt to these changes, and engage current challenges with a critically informed and holistic approach.

This is what REX Book Store strives to develop and implement with its suite of learning solutions and materials specifically designed to support the learner as a Whole Child; ensuring that each and every learner is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged throughout the learning process. With the help of schools, industries, educators, parents, and communities, REX Book Store aims to foster a holistic learning environment to ensure the success of each child, to shape and guide them towards a better, brighter future. Through its partnership with JAPI, REX Book Store widens the reach of the Business Skills Pass program, opening more opportunities for young Filipino learners to engage the challenges of the future. For more information, please visit

We Bare Bears Bring Joy to SM City North Edsa this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year as always at SM Supermalls. Every year, SM Malls come up with a festive theme celebrating the Ch...