May 17, 2018

Sante Barley: Serve Some Cool Healthy Beverages this Summer

Stay cool this summer with these fun, healthy beverages

Summer is now officially here and it is leaving us thirsty and in sweat. You probably know by now that you should always be well-hydrated but, a glass of water does not hold as much appeal anymore.

One of the best ways to quench your thirst is to prepare refreshing drinks that will let you stay cool this season. While there are many available refreshments you can make for your family, it pays to ensure that you give them not just cold, sweet drinks but also some essential nutrients.

To help you achieve healthy and family-friendly drinks, Santé Barley listed three fun and exciting refreshments that are sure to provide a cool way to beat the summer heat.

Santé Barley Choco Drink
Whip out your blender and take advantage of this easy-to-make drink as you can never go wrong with its chocolatey goodness, especially this time of the year.

What you need to prepare:
One sachet Choco Barley
6 ounces (177 mL) water or milk
8 sachets of Santé Pure Barley (24g)
6 ice cubes

Three simple steps to follow:
1.  In a blender, add all the ingredients and blend until smooth and creamy.
2.  Pour into a glass or tumbler. *can be served with banana, mango, or any fruit of your choice.
3.  Serve immediately.

Tropical Delight
Hot days call for refreshing drinks and nothing tastes more like summer than a Tropical Delight. This healthy and tasty treat will quench your thirst and will surely drive the heat away.

What you need to prepare:
1 cup milk (or unsweetened vanilla milk almond)
8 sachets of Santé Pure Barley (21g)
1 big banana
¼ cup yogurt (plain or strawberry flavour)
2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Three simple steps to follow:
1.  In a blender, add all the ingredients and blend for 30 seconds or until smooth and creamy.
2.  Pour into a glass or tumbler.
3.  Serve immediately.

Strawberry Shake
Skip drinking those sodas with sugar and make yourself a good ole Strawberry shake instead. This drink is a classic and is a hit to everyone who tries it. Not only does it taste good but, it is also easy to prepare, making it a perfect drink to indulge in to cool off for the hot summer days. 

What you need to prepare:
½ ounces (355 mL) water or milk
8 sachets of Santé Pure Barley (24g)
8 strawberries (medium-large size)
6 ice cubes

Three simple steps to follow:
1.  In a blender, add all the ingredients and blend for 30 seconds or until smooth and creamy.
2.  Pour into a glass or tumbler.
3.  Serve immediately.

These exciting summer refreshments are made easier with Santé Pure Barley and Santé Choco Barley. These powdered drinks are perfect for people of all ages with different lifestyles. They are also ideal partners to create refreshing recipes for families and friends to indulge in while enjoying this summer season.

Santé Pure Barley is a healthy drink that contains vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and carotenoids. It also uses young barley grasses that are dried and milled into a fine powder, certified by BioGro, the leading organic certifying body of New Zealand.

Santé Choco Barley, on the other hand, will keep your kids healthy and strong. Fortified with rich vitamins and minerals-carrying barley grass, this powdered drink is perfect for picky eaters and can easily become your child’s favorite.

To learn more about Santé Barley and its products, visit their website at: 

May 15, 2018

Emborg Pays Tribute to Amazing Moms

Yes, You're Amazing
Emborg celebrates the most important women of our lives.

Enjoying my time at the Amazing Moms by Emborg PH

There are only a few more ways a mother shows her love other than food. After all, a mother is her child's first source of sustenance, and the desire to nourish her kids extends well beyond their childhood. Food is every mom's expression of love, and as long as there is love, then food will be always be a mother's priority.

Family-owned Emborg aligns with mothers in their desire to provide real, nutritious and tasty meals for their children through dairy products that taste good and score high on quality, health and affordability. As mothers take on hybrid roles in and out of the household, Emborg products allow them to prepare quick, easy and delicious meals that transform each family meal.

A substantial array of dairy products take quality ingredients and couples them customer-focused packaging. Emborg Butters and Spreads are suitable for cooking, baking or simply slathering on all kinds of breads, while Natural Sliced Cheeses and Burger & Sandwich Slices elevate standard grab-and-go meals that are whipped up in a cinch. Shredded Cheese, Block Cheese, Feta & White Cheese, Fresh Cheese, Mold Cheese and Deli Counter Cheeses incorporate the gourmet touch into pastas, meat-and-cracker boards, salads and every other dish imaginable, while Emborg's milk-based products add flavor and body to every meal.  

Amazing dishes presented by culinary students from different schools at the Emborg cook-off challenge

Emborg Creams are rich additions to savory dishes and desserts; UHT Milks are perfect for recipes or drank on their own; while Yogurts and Protein Shakes make healthy living a delicious and convenient endeavor. Emborg's Junior line—a variety of cheeses and milks packaged for kids—make daily baon something children look forward to.
Amazing mommy host Ms. Gelli Victor 

At the judges' table

Truly, Emborg has always been in the business of ensuring that moms offer the best for their kids—and what better way to celebrate mothers' amazing love for their children than by celebrating them in their most special day. On Mother's Day, May 13, Emborg moms gathered at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center for Emborg Amazing Mother's Day, a fun pampering afternoon for Emborg's most-loved moms.

In the event, mothers were treated to an endless sampling of Emborg products as they were given mommy makeovers and massage services. A cupcake making workshop and the awarding of the Emborg Cook-Off also showed moms why Emborg is their most reliable cooking and baon-making buddy.

EMBORG Cook-Off Challenge Winners

Thank you Emborg Philippines for making my day extra special. Kudos to all amazing moms!

Mother's Day may be only once a year, but these special women manage to be amazing everyday. Emborg products help each mom create more amazing moments in the kitchen, for their children.

IG: @emborgasia
 #EmborgAmazing #EmborgPH 

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May 11, 2018

Promil 4 iShine Talent Camp: Nurturing Kids to Shine

Summer Talent Camps: A venue for discovering, nurturing, and celebrating every child’s gift

As parents, summertime is considered the perfect time for children to not only take a break from school work but also to engage in different activities to stay productive. As such, we are always on the lookout for summer workshops and talent camps, which can help our kids learn new skills and discover their talents.

According to Dr. Tippy Tanchanco, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, talent camps unlock many opportunities for kids to explore and learn on their own, which is important in discovering their true gifts.

“Children give cues early on. They can be showing signs of what they’re naturally inclined to in just a few months of age. It could be music, motor skills, or language,” added Dr. Tanchanco. “There is no particular age for it, but we need to look for signs that your child is developmentally ready.”

She noted that if we want to hone a  child’s athletic abilities, then we have to ensure that he or she is physically fit and ready. The same goes for developing academic abilities. If children show signs of absorbing information, then they are prepared for activities that they can delve into.

Dr. Leticia Ho, president and founder of Philippine Center for Gifted Education, couldn’t agree more. She explained that every child is born with potentials but, they do not necessarily develop.They need to be exposed to intervening factors so that they can be developed and transformed into gifts.

These variables include proper nutrition, proper stimulation, and proper care. Jong Icasiano, BSFT. MSc, a food scientist and nutritionist, firmly believes that providing our child’s nutritional needs play an important role in nurturing one’s gift or talent.

“A proper diet serves as fuel for the child since it is needed for his or her body and brain to achieve optimum development. Other factors may include boosting their confidence, good hygiene, enough sleep, and giving them a venue to shine brightly and further explore their full potential,” Icasiano added.

This is where the PROMIL® Four i-Shine® Talent Camp 6 comes in. Now on its sixth season, it featured four intensive workshops, under the mentorship of experts in the field of arts, engineering, dance, and music, such as Teacher Robert Alejandro, Teacher Lei Sta. Maria, Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, and Teacher Georcelle Sy, respectively. These camps ran, simultaneously, from April 2 to May 3 in different locations in Metro Manila.

As its culminating activity, all the participants of the four camps showcased what they learned in a recital, held recently at the Kia Theater. It also gathered the parents, as well as the Camp Masters, who joined the kids in their performance.

Kids who joined the Dance Camp blazed the stage with a number with Teacher Georcelle and the G-Force. Maestro Ryan also sang and played musical instruments with the kids from the Music Camp.

The kids from the Arts and Engineering Camp, on the other hand, showcased a performance that highlighted their creativity and engineering skills with Teacher Robert and Teacher Lei.

“We are happy to see all the kids perform on stage. They really stood out and shined their brightest and I know that their parents are also very proud of them,” said Yvette Villegas, the brand manager of Promil® Four. “This what the PROMIL® Four i-Shine® Talent Camp 6 is all about—to help hone, share, and celebrate the gift of every child.”

Since its inception, the PROMIL® Four i-Shine® Talent Camp helped discover and nurture the young Filipinos’ gift in partnership with parents. It is initiated by PROMIL® Four, a milk brand, specially formulated for children above three years old. It is also the only brand that contains NUTRISSENTIALS®—the combination of the unique and important nutrients that help support mental and physical development to help Nurture the Gift, together with balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

To know more about PROMIL® Four iShine Talent Camp, visit You may also log on to to know more about  PROMIL®‘s other variants.

SM Supermalls Launches the National Super Moms Day 2018

Of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest of them all.

We’ve said so much about our moms, but mere words are not enough to show them and make them realize that they matter to us. After all, they have carried us into their wombs for nine months, have since then loved us unconditionally, and it is only right to show them how special they are especially this month of May- as we celebrate Mother’s Day with SM Supermalls.

At the recent media launch for SM Supermalls #NationalSuperMomsDay2018 held at Gringo in MOA last May 11, the event highlights the importance of mothers through the heartfelt stories and lessons shared by celebrity guests. It is also a venue that will launch SM Supermalls exclusive deals and promos for moms wherein families can share and celebrate.

The event is unlike any ordinary event since it is very personal as the subject of motherhood is being tackled by the guests. Present that afternoon are Princess Velasco, Chynna Ortaleza-Cipriano, and beautiful mom and daughter tandem Sandy Andolong and Bb. Pilipinas-International 2017 Mariel de Leon.

As what Mr. Jonjon San Agustin- SM Supermalls Senior Vice President for Marketing just said, during the opening remarks- mothers are truly special. As a family-oriented mall, SM is geared towards bringing families together on special occasions. “We want to make this year’s National SuperMoms Day celebration at SM more memorable with awesome experiences and deals for all the strong, hardworking, and loving moms out there.” Mr. San Agustin further added.

How to become a super mom? What is a Super Mom?

The pretty host just asked- what is a super mom? At the question and answer portion wherein, celebrity super mom guests were asked very personal questions about motherhood. Each guest gave a heartfelt answer:

Chynna Ortaleza-Cipriano- “Every mother is a super mom. Iba-iba ang atin pinagdadaanan, iba-iba ang ating paraan kung paano tayo nagiging nanay…If a mom is able to take care of herself, have a good career and have a good relationship with her husband and take care of her child- yun yon- super hero ka para sa akin,”

Chynna Ortaleza-Cipriano

Princess Velasco- “overcoming yourself parang surprising yourself na ganito pala kaya ko. Yung puso mo lumalaki yung energy humahaba ng slight, yung pasensiya mo lalo ng natetest- love is patient. It is really true… so that’s what makes us super moms making seemingly impossible things possible…” 

Preggy mom Princess Velasco talks about being a mom as Chynna listens

Sandy Andolong de Leon- Parenting styles raising 5 kids
 “I am more the lenient one, my husband is the very strict one (referring to actor Christopher de Leon). “hit and miss thing- motherhood.. with us we learn from our mothers how to take care of our children…3 healthy things- first physical and mental, then emotional, and relationship wise, in terms of your relationship with your husband. If children, see how much you love each other and honor each other it goes without saying the child will grow up feeling confident and knowing that he or she has a good family. Then also spiritual is very important you instill or places in your children the importance of God is in their lives….

Ms. Sandy Andolong with beauty queen daughter Mariel de Leon

Mariel de Leon- talks about her mom as a super mom
Being a super kid of a super mom- what’s your favorite childhood memory? “she is really a super mom…I remember when we were small with my siblings, they will take us all to Disneyland all five kids without yayas, just my mom and dad- I can’t imagine that..”

Mariel then mentions her brother- “few years ago my brother was diagnosed with cancer- she was flying back and forth. She showed us how to be strong for our family, for our brother… not only that (very emotional) during that time she was dealing with her kidney transplant (mom looks over pat her) yeah health problems. And then she just showed us, to my siblings how strong she is- not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. And what motivates her I think is her love for us…. (how’s your brother?) he is cancer free now.

Sandy Andolong inspiring phrase- “you become really selfless when you become a mother. It’s all about your children, your husband and your family. You put their happiness first before your family first.”

a special song number for all super moms

The launch aims to promote the special month of May as the month that is solely dedicated to all #SuperMoms. SM Supermalls created exciting activities and special promotions to celebrate mothers.

(From SM Supermalls)
From May 4 to 13, you can take mom on a date and let her indulge in SM’s Treat Feast for Moms dining deals and freebies. If you don’t have a gift for her yet, you can drop by the All for Moms Bazaar for gift ideas that include sweet treats, beauty items, flowers, and greeting cards.

Aside from onstage events and pampering treats, SM Supermalls also invites all families to celebrate this Mom's Day weekend (May 12 and 13) by playing the nationwide #SuperMoms Code Hunt, which is part of the ongoing #LetsPlayNowAtSM interactive digital experience campaign.

In celebration of #NationalSuperMomsDay2018, SM Supermalls invites all families to celebrate this Mom's Day weekend (May 12 and 13) and play the nationwide #SuperMoms Code Hunt.

Part of the ongoing #LetsPlayNowAtSM interactive digital experience campaign, the SuperMoms Code Hunt game encourage SM shoppers to play by simply opening their favorite QR Code Readers and hunt for #SuperMoms Code stickers that will be scattered around the mall. And just like that, they will have the chance to instantly win Mom’s Day SM gift certificates.

Aside from instant prizes, #SuperMoms Code Hunt participants are qualified to join the Mother’s Month Car Promo that will run from May 12 to May 31, 2018, wherein 1 lucky shopper will win a Suzuki Celerio! Deadline for registration of entries is until May 31, 2018 at 9PM.

The #SuperMoms campaign was launched in 2016 to pay tribute and connect with the silent superheroes of the family. Always putting their families first in everything that they do, these are the Super Mommy shoppers who have been largely part of SM’s story over the years.

Don’t forget to spend time with mom on Mom’s Day and celebrate #NationalSuperMomsDay2018 at SM Supermalls on May 13 and the whole month of May.

Such an overwhelming experience being with Ms. Sandy Adolong

Thank you so much SM Supermalls for inviting me to this inspiring media event at the “National Super Moms Day 2018” launch. I will always cherish this moment all my life.

See you all lovely #SuperMoms at SM Malls where you feel special all the time.

For exclusive news about SM Supermalls, visit or follow SM’s official social media accounts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through SM’s Viber Public Chat. Tweet your thoughts, upload and share your Mom’s Day memories at SM, the use the season’s official hashtag #NationalSuperMomsDay2018

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