Jan 12, 2018

Edu and Luis Manzano for Shakey’s Lucky 2018 Meal Deal

When it comes to pizza it has always been Shakey’s! I have fond memories of Shakey’s while growing up and it has been our family’s favorite ever since. Imagine this world’s greatest pizza parlor has been in the Philippines since 1974- wow!! That’s 43 years of pizza goodness and more.

Now enter 2018, many things have changed, but Shakey’s has been consistent in providing the best pizzas, chicken & mojos, salads and pastas all these years and one amazing promo would make 2018 a lucky year for all of us.

What is Shakey’s Lucky 2018 Meal Deal?

  • 2 Large Thin Crust Pizzas
  • 2 Pasta platters
  • 10 pieces Chicken ‘n’ Mojos
  • 10 pieces Mozzarella sticks
  • Salad platter
  • 2 Ice Tea pitchers

all for Php 2018!!!

(savings 2063 pesos)

Shakey’s #LUCKY2018 Meal Deal with Edu and Luis

I definitely started the year right with Edu and Luis when Shakey’s introduced the epic meal deal of the year. In a media launch held last January 10 at the classy Shakey’s Magallanes, Shakey’s president and CEO Vicente Gregorio was very excited to introduced the father and son tandem as the perfect ambassadors for Shakey’s this 2018.


Edu and Luis embody the brand in every way, which is why we are excited to welcome them into the Shakey's family this 2018," as shared by Shakey’s CEO. “Guests will surely be lucky with this meal deal, since Shakey’s is centered on exceeding their expectations. Each year, it has become a tradition for Shakey’s to offer something more fun and family-friendly with our meal deals, and this 2018 is no different as we present the 2018 Meal Deal,” he further explained.

Shakey’s president and CEO Vicente Gregorio

Shakey’s Lucky 2018 Meal Deal media launch

Shakey’s clearly started the year right with the lucky 2018 meal deal promo and Edu and Luis Manzano are the perfect duo to represent the brand that’s been loved by Filipino families for over four decades now. The celebrity father and son tandem is genuinely passionate about Shakey’s that even Luis revealed that he can finish a whole large pizza by himself.

Luis said “I am a big fan of the brand. I Tweet about it and constantly order pizza when I’m home or at work,”. He also added “Aside from that, I get to work with my dad, which makes it a lot more special”.

As for Edu Manzano- “Since way back, Shakey’s has been a staple whenever there are family get-togethers and whatnot. I’m really glad and honored to be part of the Shakey’s family.”

Achieve luck this 2018 whether with family, friends or by your lonesome, Shakey’s is always here to satisfy cravings and make each bonding moment truly remarkable.

                            I am super lucky at SHAKEY'S!!!!

Enjoy the Shakey’s #LUCKY2018 Meal Deal because you deserve the very best this year. Happy New Year!!!

Learn more about Shakey’s 2018 Meal Deal by visiting their website at http://www.shakeyspizza.ph and like Shakey’s on Facebook 
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Jan 9, 2018

GAOC Brings Philippine Dental Implant to Global Standards

Demand for dental osseointegration, also known as dental implant, in the Philippines has been increasing in recent years, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping. A type of procedure that positions titanium into the jawbone beneath the gum to allow replacement teeth to be mounted, it is the best option to achieve natural-looking teeth, improved speech, easier eating, longevity and improved self-esteem.

While it is fast becoming a popular dental procedure, the country is still in the process of growing and maturing. And with the help of world authority on dental implant Dr. Peter Moy who recently flew to Manila from Los Angeles, California for a one-day conference where he shared his knowledge on dental osseointegration, dental practitioners are now more well-equipped to bring the country to global standards.

The conference was a rare opportunity for dental practitioners to learn from the expert himself as he demonstrated a live dental implant surgery as well as discuss the latest development on dental implant. 

A protégé of Dr. per-Ingvar Branemark, the father of modern dental implant, Dr. Moy is a clinical professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery in the Division of Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Dentistry. He is the president of The Academy of Osseointegration, and the director of the UCLA Dental Implant Center and Straumann Surgical Dental Clinical. He is also the first person to hold the Nobel Biocare Endowed Chair in Surgical Implant Dentistry.

Dr Moy’s main mission was to train professional dentists through proper methods of dental implant, and elevate the standards of dental osseointegration in the Philippines.

The Dental Implant conference was presented by Straumann Philippines, the world’s leading implant, restorative, and regenerative dentistry, in partnership with the Philippine Prosthodontic Society and Philippine Academy of Esthetic Dentistry.

Tsinelas to Superheroes: The Elmer Padilla Story

From salt-powered lamps to the legendary karaoke machine, stories of Filipino ingenuity and creativity have always inspired us, as well as people all over the world. Now, we take a look at the latest among our countrymen to be recognized on the international stage for his brilliance.

Elmer has always loved action figures, though he could never really afford them as a child. He turned to his creativity at a young age so that he could make his own. “Nine years old po ako noong magstart ako sa paggawa. Hindi pa po character ang mga ginagawa ko noon. Bangka-bangka lang po gamit ang mga tsinelas na sira hanggang sa nakakabuo na ako ng mga robot sa sarili kong imahinasyon. Hanggang sa nahilig ako sa mga action figures sa movie. Sinubukan ko na po gumaya ng mga action figures. (I was nine years old when I started making these. At the time, I didn’t make characters. I just made boats out of broken flip-flops until I was able to make robots of my own imagination. Then, I began taking an interest in action figures from movies. At that point, I tried imitating action figures.),” he said. 

Originally hailing from Samar, Elmer, his wife, and two daughters recently moved to Imus, Cavite to try and fulfill his dream of making and selling action figures. It was here that he was discovered selling his tsinelas action figures on the streets, and from there, his fame skyrocketed.

Today, Elmer receives guidance from Jerry Santos, a toymaker who makes life-sized statues for his store, Jerry’s Life-Size Statues and Collectibles. Orders for his work have piled up so much, he can barely keep up with demand. “Actually, sa isang araw, nakakatanggap kami ng 70 orders. Yung iba hindi na niya nasasagot sa social media dahil nga medyo busy na rin talaga. Akala nila suplado si Elmer pero talagang marami lang talagang dating ng order. (Actually, in a single day, we can receive up to 70 orders. He can’t respond to the others on social media because he’s really busy. They think Elmer is being snobbish, but really, there are just so many orders coming in.),” Jerry Santos said.

Elmer’s primary expense in making his action figures has been the purchase of MIGHTY BOND. Sometimes, when he runs out of money, he’d just buy ordinary shoe glue, but this lowers the quality of his work. “Kapag ordinaryong shoe glue lang talaga, madaling matanggal ang dikit kapag natutuyo na. Kapag MIGHTY BOND ang gamit ko, mabilis dumikit at matibay kahit na yung sa mga parte pa ng action figures na mahirap dumikit gaya nung mga wires at plastic. (When I use just ordinary shoe glue, the stickiness easily fades when it dries. When I use MIGHTY BOND, it sticks quickly and it stays sturdy, even with the parts of the action figures that are hard to glue like wires and plastic.),” he said.

Right now, Elmer’s income from his craft remains a little slow, as it’s just him working on fulfilling the orders. Already, though, he’s being courted by international flip-flop brands hoping to become his supplier. And in the coming days, he’s going to personally hand action figures to President Duterte and President Trump, during the ASEAN Summit. 

In spite of rising fame and fortune, Elmer’s dreams remain squarely grounded at home. He wants to be able to buy a house for his family, and buy whatever they need. With all the hard work he puts in for his family, he truly is as good as the superheroes he depicts.

Edu and Luis Manzano for Shakey’s Lucky 2018 Meal Deal

When it comes to pizza it has always been Shakey’s! I have fond memories of Shakey’s while growing up and it has been our family’s fa...