May 21, 2017

The Medical Science of Coconut Oil with Dr. Bruce Fife

Manila, Philippines, - Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D – the Author of over 20 books including the best-selling "THE COCONUT OIL MIRACLE", "COCONUTCURES" and "STOP ALZHEIMER'S NOW". Publisher and editor of the Healthy Ways Newsletter and Director of the Coconut Research Center, certified nutritionist will be the keynote speaker of the upcoming “The Medical Science of Coconut Oil Forum” along with other nationally recognized speakers.

The Forum which will be hosted at the Ateneo Professional Schools Auditorium on Monday, May 22, 2017. This event is the first forum on the Medical Science of Coconut Oil, attracting 200 attendees who come together for the opportunity to gather information from various Medical Health and Wellness individuals. 

With this, Dr. Bruce Fife will be having a book signing at the International Food Exhibition at the World Trade Center Tent on May 21, 2017 at booth numbers 32 and 33. Dr Bruce Fife and other speakers will share their first hand medical experiences and expertise on coconut oil. 

This forum will further elaborate scientifically the Medical and Nutritional uses of Coconut Oil on mankind. Increased utilization will contribute in the improvement of the lives of coconut farmers thru increased income from value-added products. 

Dr Bruce Fife will be joined by the following panelists: Dr. Vermen Verallo-Rowell - Adjunct Research Professor at UP-NIh Institute of Herbal Medicineand Head, Skin Study Group, Dr. Gertrude P. Chan - President, Clinical Trialmanagement and Testing Associates, inc, and Honorary Consultant atDepartment of Dermatology, Research institute for Tropical Medicine, Dr.Jacinto Mantaring - Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at UP College ofMedicine Overall chair, Up Ethics Board, Dr. Cecilia Jimeno - Professor andChair of Pharmacology and Toxicology UP College of Medicine, Dr Fabian M. Dayrit - Full Professor, Chemistry Department at Ateneo De Manila University,Acting president at National Academy of Science and Technology Philippines.

This is forum is co-organized by the Ateneo school of Medicine and Public Health, Organic Coconut Association of the Philippines (OCAP), Tropicana Food Products Inc., Team Asia Corporation and the Philippine Council for Health and Research Development.

Sun Life Financial Literacy: Matteo Guidicelli Vlogs on the Importance of Investing

Actor Matteo Guidicelli, in cooperation with Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI), will be launching a series of vlogs (Video Blogs), which aims to teach Filipinos about how investing can help make their #LifeGoals come true. 

Dubbed “Make It Mutual”, the vlogs will tackle topics relevant to personal finance, such as growing one’s money, beating inflation and investing regularly. To make it easy for the viewer to relate these to real life, the modules shall be demonstrated in themes familiar to them, like fashion and fitness, among others. All videos will be shared via social media to make it really accessible. 


“I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead another financial literacy campaign for SLAMCI. It’s definitely relevant and timely,” Mateo said. “I myself have life goals I’d like to pursue, and I’m happy to share that ever since I made it mutual’ with SLAMCI, I’ve been well on my way to achieving all those goals. It would be great if more Filipinos can experience the same”.

The latest in SLAMC’s efforts to boost financial literacy among Filipinos, “Make It Mutual” aims to encourage Filipinos to invest in Mutual Funds so they can achieve their life goals. The company was also behind the SLAM The Scam” campaign which likewise starred Matteo, who shared tips on what to consider when choosing an investing company in order to avoid dubious organization.

According to SLAMCI President Valerie Pama, the company is committed to helping more Filipinos discover the benefits of investing so they may reap its rewards. “We all have goals that we’d like to accomplish, such as buying a house or a car, traveling to a dream destination, or planning a wedding. These are goals that require a significant amount of money, and sometimes, Filipinos become discouraged knowing how much they need to raise to be able to fund their dreams,” she said. “We’d like to show them that by saving and investing in mutual funds, all their dreams can become a reality. They simply have to ‘Make it Mutual.” 

The “Make It Mutual” campaign is just the first of Sun Life’s series of financial literacy initiatives this year. According to Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa, more will be launched in the coming days as Sun Life rolls out its Financial Independence Month campaign in June. “We remain committed to this cause. Sun Life is always eager to promote it in ways that are creative, relatable, easily understandable,” she said. “We will never tire of advocating financial literacy to Filipinos.” 

Sun Life Asset Management Co., Inc. (SLAMCI) is the mutual fund arm of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. SLAMCI is one of the leading asset management companies in the country with Php57.8 Billion in Assets Under Management (AUM) as of April 2017. It currently manages 11 mutual funds collectively called the “Sun Life Prosperity Funds.”

May 17, 2017

King Belly Riverbanks Ends the Quest for the Best Lechon Belly in Manila

We can’t deny that there is an ongoing food craze and it’s all about lechon belly. Foodies everywhere including carnivores are in a constant search for the best lechon belly there is. Talk about trooping the south like the province of Cebu since this place is synonymous to delicious lechon belly. And in the northern part of the Philippines, Ilocos is known for its crispy Bagnet which is their version of lechon.

But what if,  you can savor the best of both worlds in one lechon belly treat that offers the distinct flavors of Cebu’s famous lechon belly and the crispiness of Bagnet with an added  touch that level-ups the quality and taste of lechon belly? Yes, this is possible since King Belly Riverbanks is finally here to end the search for the best lechon belly in manila.

James Crisologo of King Belly

King Belly is a fast food type of restaurant that was conceptualized out of love for lechon belly. The idea was created by one of the owners James Crisologo, who has an intensive experience in the field of culinary and food development both here and abroad. He even went as far as procuring a custom built huge stainless rotisserie that can cook pieces of lechon belly in a consistent heat locking in the flavors while making the meat tender and juicy. This is one of the secrets of why King Belly rules the lechon belly arena.

King Belly Riverbanks may be categorized as a mere fast food type food joint but the dishes they serve are prepared with quality in mind and value thus providing diners the best lechon belly in manila captivating foodies from all walks of life. 

The food at King Belly Riverbanks features their original lechon belly on their dishes such as  Lechon Sisig, Lechon Sinigang, Lechon Paksiw, Lechon Kare-Kare, Lechon Binagoongan, Bihon Con Lechon and Tokwat' Lechon. To complete the line-up for all time Filipino dishes king belly riverbanks also offers the best inihaw dishes such as Chicken BBQ, Inihaw na Liempo, Pork Ribs and Inihaw na Bangus.  All-day breakfast is also offered from yummy King Bellysilog (lechon belly + garlic rice + egg) to Bangsilog (milkfish + egg + garlic rice) that comes with a choice of drink. They also have other Pinoy favorite dishes that will surely complement the lechon belly dining experience. King Belly lechon belly is also available by the kilo and they deliver too.

Another amazing thing about King Belly is the fact that their dishes are super affordable. Anyone can just dine, relax, and have their lechon belly treat without having to worry on their budget. Families, barkadas and even group events are very much welcome here.

 King Belly Menu

Location wise, King Belly Riverbanks is situated in a building just across the riverbanks mall where the view of the pristine Marikina River is unobstructed. There are areas outside where diners can enjoy an alfresco dining style. 

When it comes to the best lechon belly, KING BELLY RIVERBANKS got it all in the bag- it is super tasty, tender, juicy and most of all very affordable thus ending the quest for the best lechon belly in manila. There is no reason in stopping you to indulge in your lechon belly cravings. So common and let’s eat at KING BELLY where food is #BellyGood! 

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May 14, 2017

UPL Philippines Doing Things Better

Food is our common ground, a universal experience.
-James Beard

Food is undeniably one of our basic needs and we owe it a lot to the farmers who are committed in ensuring us that we have enough food supply. But aside from the dedication of the farmers for their crops, there other things to consider to enable a good farming industry in the Philippines and one of them is to ensure good harvest through a reliable support system that can come from reputable agrochemical company such as UPL Philippines.

UPL Philippines

UPL is a leading global producer of crop protection products, intermediates, special chemicals and other industrial chemicals. Their product ranges from fumigants, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and rodenticides. UPL is not only a leading and reputable company worldwide they are also recognized by their ethical practices that extend care and concern towards their employees, communities and environment. 

On VIDEO: Meanwhile during the press conference, I managed to ask one question that has been bugging me for a while- “Is the wax used on fruits safe to consume?” UPL is a global leader in crop protection and they are the top manufacturer of wax that protects and preserves the freshness of fruits. Mr. Tapas cordially explained the wax on fruits and why it is needed for the preservation of fruits.

Last 2014, UPL was awarded as one of the Top 50 Most Caring Companies for that year. On the scheduled media campaign this May, their primary focus is on safety of the farmers.

UPL Philippines Inc. Country Manager Mr. Tapas Bhattacharjee

Last May 11 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Makati, a media event was held and the main focused of this event was UPL Philippines’ commitment towards corporate responsibility which extends further to genuine concern of the environment and the communities. It only goes to show that UPL Philippines is one-step ahead of making our world a better place by having core values that care. UPL is indeed synonymous to ‘Doing Things Better’. #UPLDoingThingsBetter

Yours truly at UPL Philippines media event

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